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Digital Innovation Campus


Enhance your teaching with ITONICS software and Campus Tracks on Growth Portfolios, Scenario Analysis, Strategy, and Foresight.

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Digital foresight, future scenario planning, innovation, and growth portfolio tools are being used by businesses of all sizes. The speed of change and “digital everything” are challenging all companies. Managing complexity, driving the right decisions, and building an agile product or service portfolio for resilient growth are skills for now and the future. 


We launched the ITONICS Digital Innovation Campus in partnership with leading academic institutions and researchers. We provide them with the robust software toolkit they need to quickly enhance their innovation management research and teaching capacities and to prepare the innovators of tomorrow.

Online Innovation Learning Campus

ITONICS Academic Edition

All-in-one platform to access digital innovation management and foresight tools, leverage the latest trends, technologies, and opportunity & risk scenarios.

Online Innovation Learning Campus

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Access innovation software and cutting-edge methods to enhance your teaching and research

Trend-Driven Innovation Online Course

Trend-Driven Innovation

Use the ITONICS Trend Radar tool and learning materials for:

  • Environmental scanning
  • Innovation opportunity exploration
  • Trend research and identification
  • Trend mapping and evaluation
  • Portfolio visualization
  • Trend management



Scenario Impact Analysis Online Program

Scenario Impact Analysis

Use ITONICS scenario planning tools and learning materials for:

  • Classical scenario analysis
  • Scenario impact evaluation
  • Scenario impact roadmapping
  • Business impact mapping
  • Scenario space matrix
  • Scenario visualization



Tech-Driven Innovation Online Program

Tech-Driven Innovation

Use the ITONICS Technology Radar and learning materials for:

  • Technology scouting
  • Technology evaluation
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Technology mapping
  • Use case analysis
  • Technology management

ITONICS Campus Partner Network

 We are committed to support leading universities and academic institutions to inspire and provide their students and faculty with the skills needed for leading agile innovation management projects and initiatives of the future.

Academic Users

Partner Universities

Courses Supported

Meet Your Digital Innovation Toolkit

Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program
Digital Innovation Online Program

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Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst
Scientific Director

Benefits for Academic Partners

Enhanced Learning

  • Free access for a semester
  • Video lectures
  • Supporting lecture materials
  • Case studies
  • Trend & Technology Research
  • Course support
  • Guest lectures and workshops

Global Network

  • Global network of multinational companies, SMEs, universities, and academic institutions
  • Innovation Rockstars community

Joint Research

  • Co-supervision of theses
  • Joint research projects and grant application (e.g. Project RADAR)

Recent Publications


A Systematic Literature Review of Mining Weak Signals and Trends for Corporate Foresight

By Mühlroth, C.; Grottke, M. In: Journal of Business Economics, Issue 5/2018. The findings presented in this paper point to future research opportunities, and they can help practitioners decide which sources to exploit and which data mining techniques to apply when trying to detect weak signals and trends.

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Innovation Management in Enterprises: Collaborative Trend Analysis using Web 2.0 Technologies

Innovation Management in Enterprises: Collaborative Trend Analysis using Web 2.0 Technologies. In: António Palma dos Reis (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference – Collaborative Technologies 2011, Rom, Italien 2011, S. 203-208.

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Collaborative Trend Management

Collaborative Trend Management

A major challenge for innovation management is the systematic re-cording, structuring and evaluation of trends. Trend scouting information helps identify shifts in the corporate environment early on and enables companies to act and react in good time.

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