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The ITONICS Innovation Platform for universities and academic institutions


Maximize your teaching impact with ITONICS

Enhance student learning and encourage collaboration with leading software for trend & technology management, scenario analysis, and strategic foresight.

  • Access to modern innovation tools
  • Empower the next generation of innovation rockstars
  • Accelerate innovation in research and teaching

The digital innovation platform for academic use

With our all-in-one platform, we offer universities and academic institutions access to our digital innovation management tools, the latest trends and technologies as well as opportunity and risk scenarios. Professors, lecturers, and research staff can thus bring their students closer to software-supported innovation management in practice. 

Gamification features in the ITONICS Innovation OS
  • 6 months free access

    Professors, lecturers, and researchers get free (semester-long) access to our software.
  • All ITONICS features

    Trend, technology, and startup scouting, innovation radars, scenario analysis, roadmaps, cross-industry trend & technology database, and much more for different use cases.
  • Ready-to-use teaching materials

    Enhance your courses with lecture videos and slides, case study reports, white papers, and publications.
  • Guest lectures

    Our experts can give practical insights into innovation management, trend and technology management, strategic foresight, and more (virtual or in-person).

Three use cases for ITONICS Campus

Trend-driven innovation with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Trend-driven innovation

Use the ITONICS Trend Radar tool and learning materials for:

  • Environmental scanning
  • Innovation opportunity exploration
  • Identification of weak signals, hypes, and trends
  • Identification, interpretation, and assessment of relevant trends for a specific innovation challenge
  • Dynamic portfolio visualizations
  • Business model design

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Tech-driven innovation with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Tech-driven innovation

Use the ITONICS Technology Radar tool and learning materials for:

  • Technology scouting
  • Technology evaluation
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Technology mapping
  • Use case analysis
  • Technology foresight
  • Technology management

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Scenario Impact Analysis with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Scenario impact analysis

Use the ITONICS scenario planning tools and learning materials for:

  • Deriving trend-based scenarios
  • Scenario planning and strategic foresight
  • Mapping dependencies to understand what scenarios might arise
  • Estimating the potential impact of scenarios
  • Scenario space matrix
  • Scenario visualization to facilitate decision-making
  • Scenario impact roadmapping

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Benefits for academic partners

Free access to our digital innovation platform

  • Free semester-long access
  • For professors, lecturers and PhD students
  • Ready-to-use in innovation management, strategic foresight, trend & technology management, and futures thinking courses
  • Trend & technology research

Enhanced learning

  • 100% online setup
  • Supporting lecture slides and reading materials
  • Case studies
  • Guest lectures and workshops

Global network

Joint research and projects

  • Co-supervision of theses
  • Joint research projects and grant application (e.g. Project RADAR)

ITONICS Campus partner universities

We are committed to supporting universities and academic institutions to inspire and provide their students and faculties with the skills needed for leading agile innovation management projects and initiatives of the future.

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From theory to practice with ITONICS

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