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Ideation campaigns with ITONICS Campaigns

Ideation campaigns that ignite creativity and drive results

Craft targeted campaigns tailored to your strategic goals and engage participants across and beyond your organization. Leverage diverse perspectives and tap into the collective intelligence of your teams to uncover breakthrough ideas.

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Collect and develop winning ideas with intuitive campaign creation

Run ideation campaigns by engaging global teams, experts, customers, and startups. Collect, evaluate, and implement promising ideas.

  • Leverage best practice templates or tailor them to perfectly match your needs and desired look and feel.
  • Implement time-bound or always-on campaigns and generate a higher volume of relevant and well-vetted ideas.
  • Tailored user roles to enable precise levels of participation.
Idea campaign with phase-gate process

Ideate your way

Customize your ideation campaigns to align seamlessly with your corporate identity, processes, and culture. Personalize campaign look and feel, information fields, workflows, ratings and processes for consistent and tailored ideation.

Ideation Tools for Idea Campaigns

Unify your innovation endeavors

Integrate ideation seamlessly with your innovation ecosystem to expedite ideation-to-execution, amplify strategic alignment, and cultivate an unwavering culture of innovation. 

Leverage diverse perspectives with ideation campaigns

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ITONICS Campaigns

About our software tool for collaborative and integrated ideation campaigns and idea management.
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How to Rate Ideas

Your cheat sheet for evaluating and prioritizing ideas from internal and external ideation activities.
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