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Manage Ideas & Innovations with ITONICS Campaigns

Your collaborative innovation engine to spark disruptive ventures and solutions on one platform

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Unlock the Power of Innovation & Collaboration with ITONICS Campaigns

Build a digital innovation platform to team up and manage the innovation process

Product Fact Sheet: ITONICS Campaigns - Software for Ideation and Idea Management
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Build a company-wide Idea Platform to accelerate future Business Growth

Empower your innovation community. Unleash entrepreneurial spirit. Create breakthrough opportunities.

Time-bound and always-on innovation campaigns

Manage campaigns in a time-boxed format (top-down) or as always-on campaigns (bottom-up).

Campaign blueprints

Store and reuse campaign blueprints for the most effective formats (hackathons, idea sprints, e.g.)

Customizable phase-gate process

Aggregate information sequentially through the implementation of phase-gate workflows.

Idea Campaigns - Software for Ideation & Innovation

Team up

Spark ideas and team up to submit innovative concepts to the digital platform. Rate and discuss submissions collaboratively.

Open and closed innovation

Engage colleagues, customers and partners from different knowledge areas within your digital platform.

Incentives and reward systems

Encourage a consistent, high level of participation through gamification and incentives.

Digital community areas and engagement

Build, engage, moderate and manage digital communities to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and the development of new, innovative solutions.

Ongoing communication

Ramp up your campaigns by sending out executive emails, regular newsletters, reminders or motivators to your innovation community.

Ideation Tool with Gamification Elements

Dynamic campaign visualization

Visualize campaign data and results with different dynamic view options (e.g. idea portfolio, idea radar).

Powerful and dynamic dashboards

Use built-in reporting tools with numerous visual evaluations for managing and controlling important KPIs of your campaigns, as well as your entire innovation management platform.

After-campaign reports

Export the results of your innovation campaigns (e.g. metrics around teams, solutions, participants, coaches) to spread your experiences and lessons learned within your company and the public.

Ideation Software Dashboard for Performance Tracking

Context creation

Link related trends, technologies and inspirations to familiarize users with the concept of your campaigns.

Tailored to your language, CI, process and culture

Individual branding, information objects, workflows and processes make it possible to maximize consistency with your current and future activities.

Idea & Innovation Feed - ITONICS Ideation Software

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