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Lean Portfolio Management Software for Agile Strategy Execution

Streamline your innovation portfolio to transparently communicate ongoing innovation activities

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Innovation Portfolio Management Software

Closing the Gap between Strategy & Execution with ITONICS Portfolio

Align all company-wide innovation activities with your company’s strategy

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Drive Economic Value and Strategic Alignment

Your #1 digital platform for lean portfolio management

Dynamic portfolio visualizations

Configure the portfolio views for your company-specific needs.

  • Define your individual rating criteria.
  • Adjust portfolio views on-the-fly.
  • Apply your look and feel.


Integrated end2end approach

Align your portfolio not only with strategy but also with other ongoing initiatives. Create the single point of truth for everything innovation.

Lean portfolio visualization & software

Transparency across your organization

Display your portfolio on multi-project dashboards across all business units and divisions.

KPI-driven decision-making

Define KPIs for projects, programs, and initiatives to analyze your portfolio based on aggregations and visualizations.

Robust reporting, analytics & dashboards

Track engagement and system usage of your community. Choose between different visualizations on how to display your data.

Project Kanban Board in ITONICS Portfolio

Predefined project blueprints

Organize all projects following a predefined structure. Filter and search all projects based on those blueprints.

Internal benchmarking across your portfolio

Compare your most relevant projects based on individually defined rating criteria and filter options.

Organize your teams

Use ITONICS Portfolio to allocate resources between different project teams.

Project Profile in Portfolio Management Software

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