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Software features for strategic portfolio management


Maximize innovation success

Gain clarity, streamline processes, and empower data-driven growth with ITONICS. Achieve strategic excellence by visualizing intricate connections, ensuring consistent evaluation, and making confident decisions to advance your organization.

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Supercharge your portfolio management with ITONICS

ITONICS Portfolio features seamlessly streamline and drive your growth initiatives from conception to realization.

More about ITONICS Portfolio
  • Eliminate spreadsheet and document switching with one comprehensive portfolio view.
  • Enhance transparency, collaboration, and portfolio success from concept to market.
  • Track progress effortlessly and steer growth initiatives toward maximum impact.

Monitor portfolio health, act swiftly

Track real-time impacts on critical performance, budget, and planning KPIs through a centralized view. Make data-driven decisions with KPI aggregations from list views, quickly visualizing your portfolio's status and identifying areas requiring attention.

Stay proactive with threshold alerts that promptly signal when requirements are met or exceeded.

Innovation project matrix - ITONICS Portfolio software

Prioritize confidently

Make confident strategic decisions. Visual comparisons and assessments within ITONICS Matrix facilitate blindspot and whitespot analysis. Guide resource allocation by understanding what to focus on, ensuring the right initiatives are activated and delivered at the right time.

Streamline repeatable processes

Guide growth initiatives through clear phases, guiding efforts and informing smart decisions at each step. Use a structured approach to assess projects, mitigate obstacles, and allocate resources wisely.

See project progress in real time, helping you adapt to changes, manage risks, and speed up time-to-market.

Strategic portfolio management dashboards and reportings - ITONICS Portfolio software

Monitor and report on progress

Access a comprehensive visual overview of your entire innovation landscape with portfolio dashboards, allowing you to make informed decisions at a glance.

Customize your dashboard to focus on the metrics that matter most to your strategic goals. Track progress and drive efficiency to move from strategy to execution with speed and agility.

Forge ahead with strategic portfolio management

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ITONICS Portfolio

About our software tool for innovation portfolio management and agile strategy execution.
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