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The Innovation OS for Everyone

ITONICS is the #1 digital innovation platform for SMEs and big enterprises. Start lean and think big.


Create your own pre-filled Trend, Technology or Risk Radars

Discover unknown opportunities in your strategic business environment by leveraging our several Radars and free content around trends, technologies, risks and market activities. Get access to +2,500 pre-rated and constantly updated trends, technologies, and inspirations.


Trend Radar - Innovation Cloud Platform

Use the AI-enabled Signals Feed for automated market screening

Automate the search for upcoming trends and "hot" topics in your market with AI-based environmental scanning engine ITONICS Insights that screens news, patent and publication databases for you.


AI-enabled Signals Feed for automated market screening

Monitor your innovation and technology pipeline within lean Innovation Portfolios

Monitor your innovation and technology pipeline within lean portfolios and identify "white spots" based on solid data and a systematic evaluation process.


Portfolio Software - Innovation Cloud

Drive new product success with strategic Roadmaps

Plan your way forward and steer future product developments and technologies within strategic roadmaps. Provide transparency across teams, units, and organizational boundaries.


Roadmap Tool - Innovation Cloud

Innovate Everywhere - Start Now

Get the right tools to take immediate action in an increasingly dynamic world

Your digital toolbox for game-changing innovation

Free insights & content

  • Access to 6 million+ signals to uncover insights at large scale
  • 120+ trends, 100+ technologies, 2200+ inspirations in the platform
  • Constantly updated market and technology trend content

Innovation advisory services

  • Free onboarding videos, training material, and access to the community
  • Tailor-made onboarding sessions with our consulting team
  • Free innovation maturity assessment

Discover Unknown Opportunities and Make the Right Decisions for the Growth of Your Company


As the leader in digital innovation management, we enable clients to maximize their overall innovation efforts in a lean, fast, and cost-efficient way.

You want to reduce your time to market by 20-30%, increase innovation and new product success by 40-60% and reduce your low value projects? Benefit from highly efficient processes and become an organization that can adapt to changes in a quick and agile manner.


ITONICS' digital innovation platform is aimed at SMEs and large enterprises of all maturity levels. Are you just taking the first steps in trend and technology management? Or do you already have all the necessary processes and a dedicated team at hand and want to take your innovation ecosystem to a digital level?

Our Innovation Cloud is now available for everyone!

ITONICS Innovation Cloud - Software Tools

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Choose your innovation software package and become an innovation rockstar

Pricing & Packages

AI-powered Tools for Successful Innovation Management

Trend, Technology and Risk Radar Software


Visualize all relevant factors affecting your business and identify new growth opportunities with our pre-filled Trend, Technology and Risk Radars.

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Free Content Explorer

ITONICS Content Explorer

Our trend and technology content portfolios are accurately updated, merged, and re-evaluated every year while new inspirations are poured in at least every three months and signals are updated in real-time.

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Automated market signals feed

ITONICS Insights

Keep track of “hot” topics popping up with the early-warning system ITONICS Insights. Define your own search queries by using RSS feeds,
Google alerts, news, patents publication, or startup databases.

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Scenario Space Matrix Software

ITONICS Scenario

Explore how the future could be shaped and adapt your strategy accordingly with our scenario planning tools.

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Innovation Portfolio Tool

ITONICS Portfolio

Analyze and monitor your innovation portfolio with regard to your strategic goals and identify “white spots”.

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Roadmap Tool


The holistic roadmapping tool for bridging trends, technologies, business opportunities, and companies, helping to plan and steer the future of your business.

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