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Innovation Management with the ITONICS Innovation OS


Innovation management software to help you accelerate growth

The ITONICS Innovation OS is here to systemize all activities from strategy to execution, at scale. For teams that want to radically upgrade their innovation processes and capabilities with the #1 innovation management software.

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Empower teams to pursue innovation as the driver of growth

Innovation software serves as a digital backbone to do global innovation management for teams of any size. Build a company-wide innovation culture with an interconnected network of innovators.

  • Make huge amounts of data searchable cross-company
  • Transparency through interactive visualizations
  • Activate a global community to innovate together on one innovation software
  • Build balanced innovation portfolios and agile roadmaps
  • Gain enterprise-wide line of sight on innovation activities
  • Automations and workflows to make the innovators' life easier

The leading end-to-end innovation management software


Revolutionize environmental scanning

ITONICS Insights allows you and your teams to reduce human effort with AI-enabled searches. Arrive at data-driven insights quickly with advanced filter features. Synchronize processes on one platform.

ITONICS Radar - Software for Trends, Technologies, Startups and Risks

Accelerate opportunity identification

ITONICS Radar provides a focused vision of the future with its dynamic and interactive radar visualizations. Create an early-warning system to operate confidently in a world of market volatility.

ITONICS Campaigns - Software for Ideation and Idea Management

Activate a worldwide community to innovate together

ITONICS Campaigns amplify the power of the crowd more efficiently through collaborative workflows. For 10 or 100,000 collaborators. Grow your global innovation ecosystem. Maximize innovation potential.

ITONICS Portfolio - Software for Innovation Portfolio Management

Build a balanced innovation portfolio

ITONICS Portfolio lets you evaluate your innovation portfolio in an agile way. Provide complete visibility of your company’s innovation portfolios on one platform.

ITONICS Roadmap - Software for Strategic Planning

A single, shared plan of action

With ITONICS Roadmap you can map and track all growth activities and ensure that everyone moves in the right direction. Understand the current state of innovation projects at a glance and easily prioritize accordingly.

Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Digital innovation ecosystem on one platform

Build a global innovation ecosystem

Use the ITONICS innovation management tools to integrate innovation into teams’ regular activities. Gather and aggregate ideas and intelligence on one digital innovation platform.

Use internal experts to their full potential and foster company-wide collaboration.

Evaluate information to build on collective intelligence and ensure alignment.

End2end innovation management - improving collaboration and transparency

Enhance alignment across business units

Integrate information throughout the end2end innovation process, from strategy to execution.

Configure the innovation software for your specific use case. Involve your teams to turn innovation into a core competency.

Why innovation leaders work with ITONICS

With KPMG Illuminate, powered by ITONICS, KPMG innovation leaders and teams worldwide can co-create innovative solutions and ideas together with their networks and ecosystems, driving value and growth for KPMG and its clients.

Roni Michael
Global Head of Innovation
Roni Michael - Global Head of Innovation - KPMG

With ITONICS on our side we have developed a holistic, digital ecosystem for innovation and digitalization, offering user-intuitive project-, strategy- and portfolio views as well as innovation and trend scouting features.

Christian Weber
Digitalization Program Management Lead
Christian Weber - Digitalization Program Management Lead - Siemens Energy
Targeted innovation requires a “single point of truth”, a single source of information to guide people and to make it easy for them to find what’s going on in our organization. The ITONICS Innovation OS is such an environment, bringing together more than 500 Toyota members from our European manufacturing centers on one digital ecosystem.
Andrew Willett
Senior Expert
Andrew Willett - Senior Expert - Toyota
The pace of technology change is relentless. The underlying strategic vectors lie beneath this churn, and this is where ITONICS excels by providing a space for our team to share important signals of change and discuss their impact, without distraction. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, multiplies the value of our people, and the time we spend together.
Chris Bennett
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Bennett - Chief Technology Officer - Dolby

The ITONICS Innovation OS supports us in scouting new technologies and products for our pipeline. The huge amounts of data generated in this process are easily searchable for the colleagues involved and can be supplemented and evaluated together.

Dr Maarten Ruitenberg
Head of Technology Scouting & Operations
Dr Maarten Ruitenberg - Head of Technology Scouting & Operations - Merz Therapeutics

Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

Alex Goryachev
Director of Innovation Strategy
Alex Goryachev - Director of Innovation Strategy - Cisco

With the platform, we have created a cross-location innovation community. All employees now have the opportunity to submit ideas and trends, to participate in their realization and thus to shape the future of the company. The product gives thousands of employees in the company the opportunity to drive innovation.

Simeon Eichmann
Head of Research & Development
Simeon Eichmann - Head of Research & Development - LEONHARD WEISS

Using ITONICS' AI-enabled platform, we aim to enhance strategic alignment across business units and preemptively develop rigorous capabilities, products, processes, technologies to continuously future-proof our business.

John Absmeier
Chief Technology Officer
John Absmeier - Chief Technology Officer - Lear Corporation

The ITONICS Innovation OS has become an integral part of the new innovation culture and is contributing to cross-pollination of pioneering growth opportunities at Fletcher Building.

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs
General Manager Innovation and Sustainability
Dr Lisbeth Jacobs - General Manager Innovation and Sustainability - Fletcher Building

Our biggest challenge was the connection and knowledge sharing between our employees and the establishment of a more integrated process. KSB reacted accordingly by breaking down traditional organizational structures partnering with the solution provider ITONICS.

Frank Udo Kimm
Head of Idea Management
Frank Udo Kimm - Head of Idea Management - KSB

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Innovation Big Picture

The ITONICS end-to-end innovation approach in one picture: Where to Play, How to Win, What to Execute.
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Got more questions? We've got answers.

What is innovation management software?

Innovation management software is a comprehensive suite of digital tools designed to empower organizations in driving innovation, right from strategy to execution. It enables companies to systematically uncover and leverage opportunities for sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge. The software facilitates the streamlining, integration, and automation of a wide spectrum of innovation activities, and encourages co-creation across different business units, organizations, and geographical locations.

The ITONICS Innovation Operating System is a one-stop innovation management software. Unlike traditional software to manage innovation, ITONICS ensures transparency and promotes collaboration to break down silos and leverage collective intelligence. Instead of you and your colleagues using a range of different tools for growth strategy, foresight, environmental scanning, ideation, open innovation, portfolio management, or roadmapping, ITONICS is one integrated solution. It becomes a single point of truth to unify your company’s innovation activities, instead of scattered efforts by different teams across various documents and tools. With ITONICS, innovators can scan through vast amounts of data, find answers quickly, and drive strategic decisions all the way through to project execution.

Why is innovation management important?

Innovation management is crucial as it fosters an environment of continuous improvement and creativity within an organization. It provides a systematic process for organizing, monitoring, and executing each stage of the end-to-end innovation process within an organization, from foresight and ideation to portfolio management and commercialization. In our rapidly evolving business world, innovation management helps organizations maintain a competitive edge by adapting to changing markets and consumer needs. Without effective innovation management, businesses risk falling into stagnation and obsolescence.

How can innovation management software benefit my business?

Innovation management software can benefit your business in several ways, including helping you streamline your innovation processes, improve collaboration between teams, and stay ahead of the competition. It can also help you identify new opportunities for growth and innovation, and make better decisions based on data and insights.

How does ITONICS help me to create an innovation culture at my company?

ITONICS makes it simple for employees to participate in innovation, share ideas, and be recognized—without any training. Sophisticated gamification and nudging mechanisms keep motivation and engagement high. Single sign-on, a branded web portal, rich collaboration features and a slick user experience guarantee a fast roll-out and grows that intrapreneurship you need in volatile times.

What features can I use in the free trial?

We offer a 30-day free trial that has all the functionality of the Professional edition of the innovation management software, including powerful features such as Trend and Emerging Technology Radars, our Insights engine for environmental scanning, Matrix functionalities for innovation portfolio management, and Roadmaps to streamline strategic execution. You can immediately start your individual corporate foresight analysis, invite colleagues to collaborate with you during the trial, and explore our rich content portfolio of trends, technologies, inspirations, and signals shaping your industry and vertical.

Why should I choose the ITONICS Innovation OS?

The ITONICS Innovation OS is the leading innovation management software. The platform offers a simple and efficient way to centralize all your data related to trends, emerging technologies, startups, competitors, opportunities, scenarios, idea challenges, and innovation projects. ITONICS is not just trends. Or ideas. Or projects. It’s all the way from strategy to execution on one digital platform. On ITONICS, all growth, transformation, and new business activities are transparent, interlinked, planned, structured and managed. The most innovative organizations around the globe innovate on ITONICS—come and see, how and why. Check all use cases of the ITONICS Innovations OS!