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Scan and analyze your business environment

Use the ITONICS Innovation OS to understand change, spot opportunities, and make better decisions for today and tomorrow.

  • Automate the search for weak signals
  • Enhance scouting with an AI-driven feed
  • Transform data into insights faster
Environmental Scanning with the ITONICS Innovation OS
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Why is environmental scanning important?

Environmental scanning is the process of comprehensively and continuously scanning and analyzing external factors that may impact an organization's business environment. The process involves the scouting, scanning, and monitoring of trends, technologies, startups, potential partners, and competitors.
By staying informed and ahead of changes in their external environment, organizations can identify opportunities and threats, and make informed decisions about their business strategy. Environmental scanning can be conducted using a variety of tools and techniques, such as market research, competitive analysis, and trend analysis. Having a structured framework to gather, organize and create innovation intelligence enables informed and evidence-based strategic decision-making.

Identify weak signals in real-time

Access millions of data points from thousands of verified sources with ITONICS Insights. The Insights engine uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to automate scouting by sorting through vast amounts of data. Get filtered data from RSS Feeds, news, patent databases, and scientific publications relevant to your search intent.

Distributed global scouts can scan your business environment for new startups, trends, emerging technologies, and relevant competitor developments on one single point of truth. Anytime, anywhere. Advanced search features enable quick filtering of data to get clarity.

Centralize your research, establish standardized processes, and build a unified insights ecosystem.

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Now anyone can be a scout

Teams worldwide can scout for signals of change using ITONICS Insights, Webclipper, and the Inspirator app. Stay on top of continuously evolving environments and make sure you know which of today's weak signals could shape tomorrow's trends and technologies.

Manage the overload of information and reduce the noise to identify the most relevant drivers of change. Radars enable global teams to assess trends, technologies, and more to mitigate risk and keep companies ahead of the curve.

Clients such as Bosch, DZ Bank, or KTM use ITONICS to scout and collaborate with promising new partners, achieving company-wide alignment.

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Evaluate the impact of drivers of change with your teams

Involve your entire organization in identifying, discussing, and rating trends, technologies, startups, or competitor developments relevant to your company’s future. Ratings leverage collective intelligence and get teams invested in innovation.

With ITONICS’ support, Cisco was able to accelerate its technology foresight process by implementing the Cisco Technology Radar platform, allowing 150 technology scouts worldwide to share their insights.

Provide your community with specific focus points and motivate management to prioritize certain opportunities.

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Support cross-company foresight programs

Augment scouting, scanning, and monitoring activities to arrive at data-driven decisions faster. Use ITONICS trends and emerging technologies content available out-of-the-box to kickstart your environmental scanning. Identify what's driving change in your industry, vertical, geography, and beyond – short, mid, and long term.

By establishing a continuous pipeline of research on new players in the market, teams can pinpoint potential partners and key competitors. Enable teams to connect external knowledge as supporting evidence to internal knowledge.

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Thrive in a world of increasing market volatility. With confidence.

Content Management

One solution to bring all your innovation efforts together, enrich it collaboratively and evaluate it across different views.

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Customizable criteria enable team members and external experts to rate content in a way that combines collective knowledge.

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Encourage team and stakeholder involvement with easy content sharing, collaborative ratings, and engagement features.

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Inspirator App

Capture inspirations on your phone while on the go. Now anyone, anywhere, can be a scout.

Learn more about the Inspirator App.

Auto-Generated Signals

Detect signals of change faster with feeds that automatically tag trends, technologies and other forces by topic using machine learning.

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Cut through the noise with an environmental scanning engine that connects the latest developments with what’s important to your business.

Learn more about Insights.

Trend Radars

Explore trends and uncover new opportunities for growth using interactive, configurable radars.

Learn more about Trend Radar.

Technology Radars

Visualize emerging tech and identify their relevance for your business. Today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

Learn more about Technology Radar.

Risk Radars

Establish an early-warning system with a configurable risk radar to monitor threats to your company.

Learn more about Radar.

Filter and Visualize

Distill vast amounts of data with advanced filtering to easily visualize and emphasize what matters.

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Identify relationships and opportunities with the help of relevant content recommendations.

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Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Use a single point of truth to empower your scouting teams

Read more on our unique, proven methodology that covers the following innovation questions: Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute.

Environmental Scanning Process

Best-practice stories from true innovation rockstars


A foresight movement at Dolby

Dolby is using ITONICS' Innovation OS to help build an internal foresight movement in motion. The platform forms the digital engine of the Dolby Futures Council, an internal institution which deals with all issues relating to possible futures.

Today, about 30 stakeholders are an active part of the initiative, anchoring foresight throughout the organization.

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Cisco Technology Radar to accelerate innovation

Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Cisco Technology Radar they found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance the competitive position.

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AI-powered trend and technology scouting

In partnership with ITONICS, Lear is using AI-powered signal sensing and data-driven decision-making to continually invent, innovate and evolve new capabilities and products. Supported by AI-based algorithms, a high-volume of input data is continuously scouted to detect signals and blind spots.

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How to build a global trend scouting community

One of the leading dairy companies in Europe is facing new technologies, changing customer habits and fierce international competition in its industry. Early identification of new business opportunities based on relevant food trends becomes an essential task to meet future challenges. With the help of the ITONICS Innovation OS, DMK built a global trend scouting community.
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Technology portfolio management to drive therapeutic innovation

Merz Therapeutics is using the tech scouting platform powered by ITONICS to more transparently gather and evaluate insights on activities in their business environment and to make informed decisions on how to expand their product portfolio.

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Know what's hot in innovation before others do

ITONICS Insights

About our software tool to scan millions of data sources and identify weak signals in real-time.
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