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The Innovation Rockstars Podcast is the virtual stage for corporate stories of innovation, foresight, strategy and growth. Success or failure, opportunity or challenge, growth or survival – learn from the world's most innovative companies in this innovation podcast.

“When building a community make sure that you really understand for whom you are building it, what is it for and what will be the benefit both for the business and most importantly, for the community itself, because without people, you don't have community.”

In this inspiring episode, we are joined by Justyna Baber, Innovation Community Leader at the world-famous Swedish furniture store IKEA.

Join us as we learn about the creation of the IKEA Innovation Community, the strategies used to keep it active, growing, and evolving over time, and its impact on innovation and adaptation within the organization.

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The IKEA Innovation Community

Justyna Baber
Innovation Community Leader

Justyna Baber intoducing us to the IKEA innovation Community and the strategies used to keep this community active, growing and evolving over time.

Foresight | 42:49

The Metaverse at Work

Leslie Shannon
Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting

Leslie Shannon, Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting at Nokia, about the potential and future of spatial computing, better known as the metaverse.

Foresight | 47:09

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