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PAIA Manual

As prescribed by the provisions of the: The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 and The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013

General information

The amended Act aims to uphold principles of transparency and accountability while upholding the constitutional right of access to information. It officially took effect on 9 March 2001. The Act grants Requesters statutory rights to access any Record held by a Private Body under specific conditions:

  1. The Record must be necessary for exercising or safeguarding the Requester's legal rights; the Requester must comply with procedural requirements; and access must not be denied based on grounds specified in the Act.

  2. POPIA is designed to bolster the protection of Personal Information managed by Private Bodies and establishes the Information Regulator with specific duties under POPIA and the Act. The objectives of POPIA are as follows:

  • Enforcing the constitutional right to privacy by safeguarding Personal Information processed by a Responsible Party, with reasonable limits aimed at balancing privacy rights with other rights, notably the right to access information, and safeguarding critical interests, including the free flow of information nationally and internationally.

  • Standardizing the processing of Personal Information by stipulating conditions that define the minimum requirements for lawful processing, aligning with global standards.

  • Granting Data Subjects rights and remedies to safeguard their Personal Information, alongside establishing both voluntary and mandatory measures, including setting up an Information Regulator.