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How Fletcher Building is changing the game of construction


The Challenge

Market leadership in building products, construction, and distribution

Fletcher Building was looking for a powerful tool to ...

  1. be implemented as the main innovation portfolio management platform aligned to Fletcher Building’s strategic initiatives.
  2. involve all innovation leaders of the BUs and bundle their ongoing activities to create synergies (reduce resource waste and risk), generate evidence and transparency.
  3. track progress of projects and help to make decisions in project directions.
  4. aid in road mapping and prioritizing innovation initiatives.

The new situation in 2020 has also forced the construction industry to realign itself. Major investments in the public sector, particularly in hospitals and other medical facilities, are pushing many construction companies towards rethinking and innovating. Emerging industry drivers such as sustainability and green investment are also shaping the new conditions.

In order to be ideally positioned in the event of any arising crisis, Fletcher Building Limited has already set itself the goal in 2019 of firmly anchoring company-wide innovation as a strategic initiative and dominating the local industry as a sustainable market and innovation leader in the future.

On the way to becoming the Australasian leader in sustainable building products, construction, and distribution, Fletcher Building has set ambitious goals to get there. Together with ITONICS, one of the foundation stones was laid at the end of 2019. In order to create company-wide synergies, generate evidence and transparency, the innovation platform of ITONICS was integrated and closely aligned with Fletcher Building‘s mission to fuel growth opportunities, innovation success, and company-wide collaboration.

Market situation

  • Fierce market competition in the Australasian construction industry
  • Nationwide housing shortage, driving the market for
    affordable houses being built at pace with required
  • Sustainability and green investments as strong industry drivers

Initial situation at Fletcher Building

  • One of the market leaders in NZ and Australia
  • Fragmented approaches to innovation processes across the business
  • Missing transparency over initiatives of 30 business units
  • Limited reporting to Executive Committee on innovation initiatives across the business
  • Difficulty in identifying project collaborations


of employees having access to innovations


ideas & projects recorded


innovation leaders managing their portfolios

The Way forward with ITONICS

A main portfolio management platform aligned to Fletcher Building’s strategic initiatives

"In order to firmly anchor innovation as the driver of growth in our company, we have actively sought a partner who could consult and support us best in innovation enablement and company wide collaboration. The ITONICS platform has become an integral part of the new innovation culture and is contributing to cross-pollination of pioneering growth opportunities at Fletcher Building."
– Dr. Lisbeth Jacobs, General Manager Innovation and Sustainability, Fletcher Building
Fletcher Building Innovation Process

The Fletcher Building Innovation Team is responsible for steering the innovation agenda across Fletcher Building. Supported by the ITONICS platform, the team is driving incubation, portfolio management, and strategic planning in line with the strategic goals.

Innovation Project Software
Portfolio of Possibilities Software

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About Fletcher Building Ltd.

Fletcher Building is the largest, vertically integrated building and construction company in New Zealand, today employing over 15,000 people across around 30 businesses, which also span through Australia and the South Pacific.

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