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Build your agile growth strategy

Use the ITONICS Innovation OS as a single point of truth to connect corporate strategy to innovation.

  • Systematic identification of growth opportunities
  • Alignment of strategy, growth initiatives, and execution
  • An engaging, collaborative online platform
Corporate Strategy and Innovation with the ITONICS Innovation OS
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Why corporate strategy needs innovation

Corporate Strategy guides processes, positioning, partnerships, and resource allocation. Innovation plays a central role in shaping corporate strategy to improve existing products and services. It enables the development of new offerings to meet changing customer needs and requirements in the future.

Every innovation initiative, project, and activity is linked to strategic goals. Corporate strategy and innovation should therefore go hand in hand.

Scan and analyze your business environment

Identify what's driving change in your industry and beyond by using a trend radar to reflect short, mid, and long-term market pull.

Get started fast with ITONICS curated and continuously updated trends and technologies. Establish your scouting community and collaboratively scout, analyze, and evaluate trends and technologies on a global, regional, and local level.

Use ITONICS machine intelligence to collect, aggregate, and interpret data. Uncover relevant information in real-time. Enrich trends with inspirations, insights, and data.

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Manage the technology push

Create your Emerging Technologies Radar to keep track of upcoming and maybe disruptive technologies in your industry. The ITONICS Radar allows you to establish and motivate globally distributed technology scouts and communities of expertise owning and exploring relevant emerging technologies.

Our AI-enabled software ITONICS Insights connects technologies, trends, and insights to allow you to focus on what matters most: identifying growth opportunities fast. Understand potential disruptions, risks, and new competitors. Set the future agenda with confidence.

Build competitive technology roadmaps and align all technology teams to focus on what matters most: Shaping the future.

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Explore growth opportunities

To execute on growth opportunities, you will need to evaluate them first based on models like timing, risk, addressable market, complexity, core, adjacent versus transformational business, budget, region, strategic direction, and business model. ITONICS enables collaborative ratings and global collaboration.

With the priorities opportunity portfolio, the next question is, “How do we want to innovate on this?” Innovations may be in Internal R&D, partnerships, startup collaborations, M&A, or open innovation, depending on your goal.

Clients like Bosch or KTM are sourcing ideas and solutions from their global community of external innovators. CISCO is very successful with its annual Bold Bets challenge, engaging over 50,000 employees. The ITONICS Campaigns module allows you to run any kind of innovation challenge - from day-to-day continuous improvement to moonshot ideas.

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Agile innovation portfolios

The toughest call in innovation is budget. As soon as all the ideas, concepts, business models, and initiatives are defined, categorized, and evaluated, somebody has to put the money where their mouth is.

Mapping strategy and innovation happen right here, within the ITONICS Portfolio and ITONICS Roadmapping. Every innovation initiative, project, and activity is connected to strategic goals. This includes budgets, risks, resources, partners, and your individual criteria. Transparency and governance are guaranteed with this single point of truth and all synergies and dependencies within the innovation and R&D activities.

With that baseline, ITONICS allows for an agile and always up-to-date management of the innovation portfolio across business units, regions, brands, and countries.

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Align strategy and innovation with confidence

Content and research on trends, technologies and startups

Kickstart your environmental scanning with ready-to-use trends and technologies compiled by our analysts.

Manage trends, technologies, ideas and innovation projects in one platform

One solution to bring all your innovation efforts together, enrich it collaboratively and evaluate it across different views.

Insights and automation with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Save time with AI-enabled environmental scanning that sorts through masses of data so you can focus on what matters.

Trend radar with industry trends

Explore trends and uncover new opportunities for growth using interactive radars.

Technology radar with emerging technologies

Visualize emerging tech and identify their relevance for your business. Today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

Features for more collaboration in the ITONICS Innovation OS

Encourage team and stakeholder involvement with easy content sharing, collaborative ratings, and engagement features.

Innovation and idea campaign workflows

Spark disruptive ideas from global teams with configurable ideation campaign workflows.

Kanban boards for innovation projects

Track innovation projects using interactive Kanban boards. At team, business unit, or corporate level.

Software and features for managing innovation portfolios

Connect portfolios with strategy and inform priorities through project workflows, boards, budget planning, and reporting.

Roadmaps for innovation projects, technologies or products

Accelerate time-to-market with multilayer roadmaps. Align the efforts of different business units and execute your strategy.

Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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A single point of truth to empower your corporate strategy

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Corporate Strategy and Innovation Process

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