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Steering strategy for the future of Swiss mobility

How Alliance SwissPass is using the ITONICS Innovation OS to collect, evaluate, and disseminate trends in the mobility industry, informing the strategic decision-making, project planning, and marketing campaign rollout of a nationwide public transport community.

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 "When we first started with the ITONICS Innovation OS, we were primarily interested in the dynamic Trend Radar to support strategic decision-making across our association. However, we soon expanded our use case beyond trend management thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the Innovation OS. 
After successfully bringing our portfolio of projects and marketing campaigns into the system, I’d say that one of the most important benefits of ITONICS is its ability to seamlessly integrate strategic foresight with portfolio management and execution." 

Tim Loosli, Responsible for Data & Analytics, Alliance SwissPass

Tim Loosli, Alliance SwissPass
Alliance SwissPass innovation platform
Alliance SwissPass platform

Unifying a diverse transport community

Alliance SwissPass represents an association of transport companies nearly as diverse and complex as Switzerland’s public transportation network itself. Unifying one of the densest public transportation networks in the world—comprising over 250 companies and 19 tariff associations—and ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned in a shared vision for the future of Swiss mobility is equally complex. 

Alliance SwissPass recognized the need for a solution to steer strategy, align innovation efforts, and boost engagement among its many members. Effectively identifying, evaluating, and disseminating the key trends in mobility, transport technology, and customer behavior was one challenge. But how to share the journey from trends to a collective strategy, industry projects, and marketing campaigns posed an even greater challenge.

Alliance SwissPass radar platform
Alliance SwissPass radar

The initial situation at Alliance SwissPass

Before working with ITONICS, Alliance SwissPass used a simple trend management tool to assist with organizing and sharing identified trends. However, it quickly discovered that this tool lacked the necessary dynamics to truly support strategic decision-making, serving instead primarily as a static trend repository disconnected from the association’s growing portfolio of industry projects and marketing campaigns.

  • Inability to contextualize trends, visualize connections, and draw meaningful insights to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Tedious and time-consuming processes for adding, enriching, and monitoring trends and projects.
  • Missed opportunities and duplication arising from information silos between trends and existing or future projects.
  • Low engagement within the association due to a perceived lack of action and value derived from trend scouting.
  • No tool for internal trend, project, or campaign evaluation, resulting in a lack of prioritization and wasted expertise.
  • Lack of transparency in how strategic decisions are taken, with little oversight of the project portfolio and related activities.

Objectives of an association-wide innovation hub

 "In the public transport sector, especially here in Switzerland, we’re used to anticipating and quickly adapting to changes in external conditions. This is much like the trend landscape that we must understand to effectively respond to threats and opportunities. Meanwhile, the projects we pursue at Alliance SwissPass are how we’ve chosen to navigate these external conditions, and ITONICS ensures we arrive at our future position successfully and efficiently." 

Karin Schüpbach, Responsible for Committees & Overall Planning, Alliance SwissPass

Kari Schüpbach, Alliance SwissPass


From strategy to execution in one platform

Alliance SwissPass has embedded the ITONICS Innovation OS into the core of its innovation activities. From trend management and portfolio steering to project and campaign tracking, the platform supports strategy execution for not only the association as a whole but also for each of its 250 members.

Alliance SwissPass Trend Management Process with ITONICS

1. Trend management

As its flagship use case in ITONICS, Alliance SwissPass has a well-established and proven trend management process with the Trend Radar at its core. After identifying relevant trends from industry research, publications, and the ITONICS trend collection, the Radar consolidates and organizes them for easy engagement and interpretation. Thanks to the platform's flexibility, each company can also create and manage its own Trend Radar that is uniquely specific to its business goals and strategy.

2. Trend evaluation

Trend evaluation at Alliance SwissPass is collaborative and constructive, involving representatives from multiple companies to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise across the association. With configurable ratings in ITONICS, trends are evaluated on five criteria: overall maturity, time to adaptation, added value to corporate division, adaptation status, and added value for public transport customers. 

3. Trend analysis

Based on the trend ratings, Alliance SwissPass uses the Matrix to gain a prioritized view of the trends with the greatest potential impact. Equipped with this foresight intelligence, Alliance Swiss Pass formulates a shared vision of the future of public transport and mobility in Switzerland, looking ahead to 2035. Achieving this long-term vision means turning identified opportunities into actionable projects and aligning efforts across the association’s diverse membership.

4. Portfolio management

Alliance SwissPass’ portfolio of industry projects has become its greatest driver of engagement in the Innovation OS. With this single source of truth, all members can access the portfolio, track project progress, and visualize the 2035 strategy on an agile Roadmap. They also gain a holistic view of the trends and committee decisions that inform the strategy and marketing campaigns for launching new offerings. This transparency empowers members to align their own activities accordingly and collectively drive continuous innovation in Swiss mobility. 


  • Single source of truth: The ITONICS Innovation OS centralizes all trend, project, and campaign information for Alliance SwissPass, providing consistent, accurate insights for strategic decision-making across the association.
  • Strategy alignment: The platform’s transparency and scalability allow individual members to incorporate and align their strategies and projects with Alliance SwissPass’ long-term vision for Swiss mobility.
  • Streamlined decision-making: The Innovation OS accelerates and steers strategic decision-making for the association and its members by integrating trend management and portfolio oversight in a dynamic system.
  • Enhanced engagement: The platform fosters high engagement and collaboration among members, leveraging collective intelligence and diverse expertise in trend evaluation and strategy development.
  • Accountability in project delivery: With transparent tracking and reporting features, the Innovation OS ensures accountable project execution and alignment with the association’s strategic goals and timelines.
  • Responsiveness and agility: Real-time trend monitoring and customizable frameworks empower Alliance SwissPass with the agility to adapt its strategy and portfolio of projects quickly according to market changes.
"ITONICS has been a strategic partner for Alliance SwissPass since 2019. It’s been an incredible journey to see this dynamic organization realize the immense potential of connecting its innovation intelligence in a single platform—with trends informing industry projects and strategic decision-making on the road to 2035. Backed by the ITONICS Innovation OS, Alliance SwissPass is equipped to embrace change, drive progress, and steer the Swiss public transportation sector into the future."

Matthias Veit, Director of Account Management, ITONICS

Matthias Veit

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About Alliance SwissPass

Alliance SwissPass represents an association of more than 250 Swiss transport companies and 19 tariff associations. It is dedicated to harmonizing and innovating Switzerland’s public transit system, aligning its diverse membership in a shared strategy and set of goals. By delivering seamless, accessible, and sustainable mobility solutions across the nation, Alliance SwissPass aims to shape the future of Swiss public transportation.

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About Alliance SwissPass

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