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How to get your team engaged with notifications on ITONICS

Collaboration is crucial to successfully establish the Innovation OS as the single point of truth for all your growth activities.

The ITONICS platform enables collaboration across teams and geographies by triggering notifications for various events and actions.

  1. Why engaged teams are crucial for efficient growth. 
  2. Use Notifications to drive participation

  3. Other mechanisms from the system that drive engagement: Comments, Ratings, and Presets

1. Why engaged teams are crucial for efficient growth 

Cultivating a culture of innovation may sound abstract and immeasurable, but the truth is that measurable growth happens when organizations leverage a large pool of perspectives, skills, and ideas. Then develop these ideas to align with organizational strategic goals. 

Engaged teams provide a continuous flow of ideas, discussion points, and expert input, but engagement is often not sustained due to a lack of processes and complicated tools. Using your ITONICS system as a single point of truth and making the most of engagement and collaboration features will ensure better alignment, faster decision-making, and improved participation in growth activities. 

2. Use Notifications to drive participation

Notifications are crucial for collaboration because they provide timely and relevant information to users about what is happening in the collaboration process. This allows users to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments and enables them to respond quickly to changes or challenges that may arise. 

Examples for e-mail notifications inside the ITONICS Innovation OS are:

  • Changes to the status of an element
  • Assignment of other users to elements

To deep-dive into the different notification triggers, have a look here

3. Other mechanisms from the system that drive engagement: Comments, Ratings, and Presets

Besides notifications, ITONICS offers several other features that are designed to help you ensure engagement from your users. Save time by enabling collaboration on one digital platform. Here’s how:


Use Comments in Elements to tag your colleagues and direct their attention to something specific, or include them in the conversation. You can do this by:

  1. Selecting the Element you want to comment on

  2. Writing your comments and mentioning your colleagues by tagging them and Save

You can also react and reply to comments and include specific Elements or people within your remarks. 

Commenting on Elements


Inviting your internal experts to rate drivers of change in ITONICS provides evaluations that indicate what to focus on short, medium and long term in your organization. Getting colleagues to rate Elements includes them in the process and increases their interest in innovation activities. Including colleagues in rating drivers of change improves alignment and accelerates decision-making. 

You can rate Elements either via Explorer or on a particulars Element’s Detail page. 



Presets in ITONICS are saved search fields or specific views you can return to later and share with colleagues. Improve collaboration by sharing presets and ensuring that teams have the same view and can work with the same information.