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Interactive Exclusion

Next to selecting values for properties to highlight, you can also exclude properties that you do not want to show in the view. A typical example would be to exclude based on the country (e.g. no Signals from the United States) or based on categories (e.g. not interested in legal Signals). This essentially translates to a power search expression using the NOT operator. E.g.

NOT country = "US"

Exclusions can currently be added in the side panel bar charts and get shown in the selection panel next to the positive selections. Exclusions can also be promoted to the search field.

⚠️ Using selection and exclusion on properties that Signals can only have one value for (e.g. a Signal can only be published in one country) does not make much sense as the selection will override the exclusion. It does make sense for properties where a Signal can have multiple values for (e.g. a Signals can be part of multiple topical categories). Here, the exclusion sets a hard filter on those Signals that include the excluded value and, from the remainder of Signals, highlights those that have the selected values.