The View Context in Insights

You can use Insights in different ways, just doing an ad-hoc search, doing research using Insights Presets, or diving deeper into the Signals about an Explorer Element.

Ad-hoc search context: When just starting a search in Insights, we will simply show you the number of Signals returned for that search. You can discover the search, but you cannot pin any Signals yet – save your search first!

Preset context: After saving an ad-hoc search or choosing an Insights Preset, the Preset name will be displayed above the list. You can pin Signals to the Insights Preset to come back to later.

Element context: When clicking on the Refine Feed button in the Element's Signals Feed, you will be taken to that Element's context in Insights. Changes you make to the search and then save here will reflect in the Element's feed for all users. Signals you pin will here, will also be available on the Element's Signals Feed.