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Activate/deactivate blueprint and custom Element Types in your Workspace

Important Definitions

Blueprint Element Type: ITONICS ships with several blueprint Element Types defined by our innovation experts. They represent the most important things you should be keeping an eye out for, such as Trends, Technologies, or Risks.

Custom Element Type: Using ⬆️ Element Configuration, you can define your own types of Elements to create in Explorer according to your company's requirements.

Workspace Creation

You can also activate Element Types when you are creating a new Workspace. To create a Workspace: 

  1. Go to your Organization settings and click on "Workspaces" tab.
  2. Hover over the "Action" button and then click on "Create Workspace"
  3. Give a name to your Workspace and select/deselect the Element Types relevant for your Workspace.
  4. You can also provide a description to your Workspace. 
  5. Once you are done, hit "Create Workspace" button.

You can choose both blueprint and custom Element Types while creating a new Workspace.

Activating and Deactivating after Creation

In order to change what Element Types are active for an already existing Workspace, go to Element Configuration via the Workspace settings. You will see that the Element Types that weren't selected while creating the Workspace are greyed out.

You can now activate/deactivate Element Types from the Workspace Element Configuration by just clicking on the toggle in the top right corner of the Element Type.


  1. You cannot deactivate an Element Type if you already have Elements of that type in your Workspace. If you still wish to deactivate, you need to first delete all the Elements of that type from the Workspace in Explorer. 
  2. You cannot deactivate an Element Type if you have modified the Element Type for the Workspace. The toggle for deactivating the Element Type is disabled in this case. If you still wish to deactivate the Element Type, you need to revert the changes you made, before being able to do so.