Configurable Cards: what to show on cards

With configurable cards you can add multiple additional information on the cards of your Board effortlessly.



Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.  If you would like to test Boards, please contact us via


The configurable cards feature lets you customize the cards on your Board to include important information such as assignees, due dates, progress, or any other information that is relevant to your workflow.

You have several options to decide what information to display on the cards to match your current use case.

How to configure additional information on the cards

To add additional information to your cards, navigate to the Boards settings widget. You can configure up to three additional information fields per card.

Follow these steps to configure the cards:

  1. Open the Board settings widget by clicking on the settings gear wheel. (1)
  2. Select the position on the card that you want to display the additional information on (2). The following three options are available
    1. Top-right
    2. Bottom-right
    3. Bottom-left


Different field types that can be shown on the cards

The following field types can be selected to be displayed either in the top right, bottom left, or bottom right corner of the cards. Note that each type of field is displayed differently:

Field type

Displayed as

Special condition



Comma separated if multiple values are shown

Hierarchical dropdown


Hierarchy of different values is shown 








Date field

  • If the date is upcoming: display the actual date in the format: DD Month Year

  • If the date is today: display Today

  • If the date is due: display the number of days due 


User icons

  • If there is one user: display the user profile image, or initials and the first and last name

  • If there are multiple users, but less than four: Display the user profile images, or initials

  • If there are more than three users: Display three user profile images or initials, and add “+ number” to indicate the number of additional users

To-Do list

To-Do progress

  • Display the To-Do progress by showing the “done To-Do’s / total To-Do’s”

  • If all To-Do’s are done, display a green checkmark icon


Pro-tip: You can save the additional information in your Board presets. You can then easily share these presets with your colleagues so that they can access the same information/view.