Discover: Kanban Boards Configuration

Kanban Boards can be effortlessly configured and modified to suit your current use case, and show the information you require.

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.  If you would like to test Kanban Boards, please contact us via

You have several options to decide what the Board should show in order to match your current use case.

  1. Use the quick filter section and the advanced filtering options to preselect the elements that are shown on the Board based on certain values, ratings, and criteria. Click here to learn more (1).
    Tip: Save the filter setting by creating a filter preset or use already existing filter presets (3).
  2. Use the Board configuration widget to modify the layout of the Board (2).

Configuration and legend widgets of the Board

The configuration widget allows you to modify the layout of your Board. You have different setting options that can be applied. You could, for example, select the project element type, and Project Phase as columns and group the columns in swimlanes by the Health Status.

  1. Board Presets: Create new presets, select, update, and delete existing presets (1).
  2. Element Type: Decide which element types you want to look at (2).
  3. Columns: Decide what the columns of the Board should be (3).
  4. Swimlanes: Decide according to which property the Board should be grouped (4).

Unassigned: Decide if elements without a value of the selected property for the columns and swimlanes should be shown or not. If you activate the slider, an Unassigned column and swimlane will be shown (5).


Note: Only single-select list fields can be selected as columns and swimlanes. If you select multiple element types, only shared single-select list fields can be selected as dimensions.

Access the color legend

Below the gear wheel settings icon, click on the three dot menu icon. A callout menu opens that shows the color legend for all element types that are displayed.