July & August 2023 / Updates


Primary contact

The primary contact, by default, is the individual who initially established the organization. However, should you wish to modify this assignment for any given reason, you may simply select "Replace Primary Contact" and designate a new primary contact person.

Itonics product Primary contact

Workspace Administration

Adding multiple users to a workspace simultaneously

This new feature allows users to conveniently invite multiple colleagues to a workspace simultaneously, eliminating the need for individual invitations.


Manage and delete user ratings

The manage ratings feature allows you to analyze ratings and draw meaningful insights while maintaining data consistency and accuracy over time.


  • Previously, the email notification for the comment contained a detailed link URL that directed users to the detail page of the element. With the recent update, the URL has been enhanced to redirect users directly to the comment tab.
  • In response to our customers' requirement, we have expanded the number of elements within the radar view, raising the count from 125 to 150. 


  • An issue was fixed that led to the more options, filters, and sorting dropdown not functioning properly.
  • An issue was fixed that led to users not being redirected to the Tag filter in Explorer when clicking on tags from an Element detail page or stack.



  • An issue was fixed that led to not sending comment mentions notifications for extra-long comments.
  • An issue was fixed that led to a user receiving a broken notification email for Outlook when a long URL was used in a comment.



  • An issue was fixed that led to not showing the Roadmap Embed title correctly on Embed view.