Configure Radar Views

The ITONICS Radar can be effortlessly configured and modified to suit your current use case, and the information you want to convey with it.

ITONICS ships with different standard Radar, e.g. the Trend Radar, Technology Radar, or the Risk Radar.

These are a good starting point for you to visualize factors of change that influence your business. ITONICS also allows you to easily change the setup of the Radars, though, so you can use them to convey different kinds of insights, depending on the use case you are looking at.

Decide what you want to show on the Radar

Use the Element Type picker in the header filters to select one or more Element Types to be displayed on the Radar visualization.

Configuration panel: Radar dimensions

Choose which Properties you want to use for the Radar's different dimensions, e.g. choose Adoption Stage to segment your radar by for your custom Trend Adoption Radar.

Trend radar  segmentation

Saving Radar Views

In order to share your Radar configuration with your colleagues and to access it at a later stage, simply save your Radar view as a Preset!

🎥 Take a couple of minutes to discover how to get started with the ITONICS Radar:

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