November & December 2023 / Updates

Automated Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your corporate environment by using our automated signals monitoring. Our alerting engine enables you to monitor your areas of interest in real-time without allocating resources or time. Learn more about how to use ITONICS Insights to monitor drivers of change.

Smart Ideation

By leveraging generative AI technology, we help you accelerate your ideation process. Experience the following key capabilities: 

  • Create campaigns and ideas faster by choosing prompts that guide the AI in setting up descriptions, images, and tags
  • Automatically create ideas that fit your campaign with the click of a button
  • Benefit from AI evaluations that facilitate quick first-round idea identification, based on AI-generated assessments.

Learn more about how to set up a new campaign


Experience a comprehensive and centralized portfolio view, eliminating the hassle of switching between spreadsheets and documents. Effortlessly apply changes to save time, instantly update information, and monitor real-time impacts on vital performance, budget, and planning KPIs. Utilize data-driven decision-making with KPI aggregations from List views, swiftly visualizing your portfolio's health and identifying areas needing attention. Learn more on how to work with Lists



Previously, the Signals feed has been a default part of all element template types in the ITONICS Innovation OS. It is now displayed by default for Trends, Technologies, Inspirations and Companies. For all other template and custom element types, the Signals feed can be manually enabled in the Element Configuration. 


An issue was fixed that led to content (descriptions, dropdown values) from a previously created element being taken over when creating a new one.

An issue was fixed that led to user profile images not being displayed properly on the detail page of an element.



The layout and formatting of email notifications being sent from the system have been improved. 

Terms & Conditions

Due to the introduction of our new GenAI functionalities, we have updated the associated contractual documents. If you require more information, please get in touch with

Registration & Login


An issue was fixed that led to uppercase emails being denied on login, although account creation had been successful.