Modify Radar Dimensions & Settings

You can modify Radar dimensions and settings in the Explorer module via the functionality in the Radar toolbar.

The toolbar offers several options to modify Radar dimensions & settings.

Configuration functionality

Open the configuration panel of the Radar. Here, you can choose which Element Properties shall be attached to which Radar dimensions: use the dropdown menu in each section to enter your selection. Primary Radar dimensions are Segmentation and Distance, secondary dimensions are Color, Halo, and Donut.

The section "Color" displays several dots with a rating descriptor. The dots can be changed in color. Click on a dot and use the color picker to assign a new color so that dots with that specification on the Radar will instantly match. Relation types can also be changed in color.

The "Distance" selection offers a logarithmic scaling by default that can be switched to linear scaling and values can be inverted, both via a checkbox.

Viewing Modes

180/360 Degrees: Choose between a 180 and 360 degrees Radar visualization.

Rating/Relations Mode: The Radar has two different modes focusing on a different aspect of the data depicted. The Rating mode focuses on how close the Elements are to the organization. On the other hand, the Relations mode depicts how the Elements are interrelated. There is a toggle that changes from one mode to the other. Elements are lined up at the outer border of the Radar to provide an optimized view of all existing relations.

Labels: Element titles can be switched on or off.