📖 Five features to help communication in foresight

Innovation does not exist in a vacuum. Efforts that genuinely drive growth need to be collaborative and participatory. These five functionalities in the ITONICS Innovation OS support communication and collaboration in the process of foresight.

1. Notifications to encourage participation 

Email notifications help make innovation activities part of daily work within your organization. Teams want to stay informed on relevant content and activity on the ITONICS Innovation OS. Notifications keep them in the loop and can spur them to act on that information. Use notifications to encourage collaboration inside the platform and skip tedious activities like copy-pasting links to Slack and emails.


Team members can highlight interconnections between elements by commenting on elements and tagging relevant colleagues. The option to use various comment formatting options, such as numbered lists, colored text, and uploaded images, further increases the readability of comments and draws attention to key points.


2. Saved presets and views

Saving your search criteria in ITONICS Insights, not only benefits you in making it convenient to return to the timely results later. It also allows you to share that saved search preset with colleagues to ensure you see the same signals in the market, strengthening common understanding. 

On the ITONICS Radar, you can similarly save your modified Radar view to use later and share it with colleagues to show them what you see as important and worth collaborating on.


3. Get presentation-ready exports in one click

Keeping stakeholders informed is part of successful innovation. You need to communicate key findings and opportunities to get the necessary commitment from them. If these stakeholders are not users of the ITONICS platform, you can easily export a Radar graphic from your workspace to share with them in an email or presentation

4. Show interactive Radar views

Showing your progress on the ITONICS Radar to a larger audience can help you communicate valuable insights as an interactive and dynamic visualization. Increase participation in innovation by embedding a live radar on your intranet or public-facing website, so that your audience can view real-time information and interact with the radar.

5. Collaborative ratings

Individuals in a large organization often want to have their perspectives heard, considered, and understood. To find agreement in your team on what each trend and emerging technology might mean for the business, conduct an internal exercise to rate elements collaboratively.  This helps empower teams with the consensus needed to ensure strategic relevance, strengthen buy-in, and act decisively.