What are the Functions of the Radar Toolbar?

The Radar toolbar performs multiple functionalities including configuring and switching between Radar views.

You can find the Radar toolbar under the Explorer. 


Here you can choose which Element properties shall be attached to which Radar characteristic: use the dropdown menu in each section to enter your selection. Radar characteristics consist of segmentation and distance scaling with Elements that can take different values for color, halo size and donut shape. Relation types are depicted with lines and arrows. Use the color pickers to adjust the colors of Elements and Relations.

Configure your Radar view by choosing a segmentation. Segmentation can have up to three levels and is derived from Element type, categorization and rating criteria.

180/360 Degrees

Switch between a 180- and a 360-degree radar visualization.

Relations Mode

Activate the relations mode to only show relations between Elements.

Show/Hide Labels

Switch on and off the visualization of Element titles.


Export a PNG image of your current Radar view.

Radar toolbar functions