How to Rate Elements

The evaluation of Trends or Technologies is one of the most important activities in innovation management. It will enable you to anticipate future changes in your industry and whether they are relevant to your business.

Criteria can include general characteristics, such as maturity or disruptiveness, as well as company-specific parameters, like cost-saving potential, internal know-how or implementation risk.

Rate an Element

There are two ways to enter the rating functionality.

Option 1: Explorer
1. Click on an Element to open the stack on the right side.
2. Scroll down to the section "Ratings" and use the rating sliders to assess your Element.

Option 2: Detail Page
1. Navigate to the detail page of an Element.
2. Scroll down to the section "Ratings" and use the rating sliders to assess your Element.

In order to gauge how confident you can be in a rating, you can now see the number of users who have added a rating for each criterion. Refer the count on the right side of each rating criterion.

Combined rating

When multiple users add their ratings to an Element, we show both the viewer's rating and also the combined rating of all users. For current rating criteria, the median value is used. What does this mean?

Assume 5 users have rated the Impact of a Technology in the following way:

  • User A: Very Low
  • User B: High
  • User C: Low
  • User D: Very Low
  • User E: Medium

We now bring all values in order, and choose the center one:

[1: Very Low, 2: Very Low, 3: Low, 4: Medium, 5: High].
=> The median value will be "Low".

Note that this is the most accurate aggregate statistic for non-numerical rating criteria.

Reassess your rating

Scroll down to the section "Ratings" and adjust the sliders or delete/revoke your rating by clicking the "X" next to the ratings. 


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