Manage campaigns

Effective campaign management is a critical component of the overall ideation process. For this reason, only specific individuals should be responsible for performing certain tasks.

Open and close campaigns

During the entire ideation process, you have the option to enable or disable the submission of ideas by users. In certain stages of the workflow, such as the Submission or Concept Development phases, you may want to allow for idea submissions, while other stages, like Implementation or Run, are not appropriate for submissions. 

Additionally, once a campaign is closed, it may be appropriate to restrict the ability to submit ideas.

To open or close a campaign and allow users to submit ideas or not, you have to click the Close Submissions button on the right-hand side of the workflow widget of the campaign. Once clicked, the button will show Start Campaign.



Once you have clicked the Close Submissions button, users cannot submit new ideas until you click the Start Campaign button, which will reopen the campaign and allow users to submit ideas again.


Move ideas through the workflow

Promising ideas will progress through the workflow, while others may remain in earlier phases. 

How to change the phase of an idea?

You can either change the phase of ideas using the Idea Board within the campaign or by using the workflow widget on a single idea itself.

Idea Board on a campaign

Go to the campaign detail page and click on the Board tab. Here, you can drag and drop idea cards to the next phase.


💡Pro Tip: Open the Board in a new tab. This allows you to easily open the ideas in a stack view and compare the details of each campaign, which will make your decision-making process more efficient. 


Workflow widget on an idea

Go to the individual idea detail page and click on the Workflow tab. If all to-do’s are checked, it means that all tasks have been completed. This allows you to click the Move to next Phase button in order to change the phase.



Note: All to-do’s of the current phase has to be checked otherwise, the idea cannot move to the next phase. You cannot move ideas to a previous phase, and you can not skip phases.


What are the phase change conditions?

There are two conditions to be met to move ideas to the next phase.

  • All to-do’s of the active phase have to be marked as done. (1)
  • The idea must be in the status Running. (2)



Manage the status of ideas

You can change the status of ideas per phase. There are three different statuses per phase:

  1. Running: indicates that an idea is currently being actively pursued or implemented. 
  2. Parked: indicates that an idea has been temporarily set aside or put on hold, but may be revisited in the future. 
  3. Rejected: indicates that an idea has been evaluated and determined to not be feasible or in line with the goals of the campaign or organization.

To change the status of an idea, go to the idea Workflow tab and click on the three-dot-menu of the active phase. Now, either select the option Parked or Rejected. Note that the default phase is always Running.

You can also change the status back from Parked or Rejected to Running.