What is ITONICS Ideation?

ITONICS ideation allows innovation leaders to manage ideation campaigns by enabling the collection, categorization, and evaluation of ideas. Encourage and enable team collaboration and identify which ideas to act on.

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.  If you would like to test ideation, please contact us via account_manager@itonics.de.


Solve today's and tomorrow’s challenges collaboratively by connecting idea management with other innovation activities to increase efficiency, accelerate ideas to execution processes, and foster a culture of innovation within your organization.

With Ideation, you can invite colleagues or experts to submit ideas through the ITONICS platform, and users can evaluate ideas with ratings. Idea submissions can move through a phase-gate process using workflows.


  1. Why use Ideation
  2. Who can use Ideation
  3. How to set up an Ideation campaign


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1. Why use Ideation

Use Ideation to:

  • Activate global teams to submit their own ideas for game-changing innovations and exploit existing ideas. 
  • Make Ideation available to all teams with a tool accessible from everywhere, anytime.
  • Generate a high volume of ideas and manage them on one platform. 
  • Sort and evaluate ideas. 
  • Manage feedback and ensure that only the most promising ideas move forward. 
  • Manage idea revisions through a phase-gate process that ensures that ideas include all the necessary information to be adequately evaluated. 
  • Save time by managing the entire process on one platform. 
  • Prioritize which ideas to act on based on collective ratings. 
  • Track idea submissions easily and visualize progress using Boards.


2. Who can use Ideation

  • Innovation Managers that need to collect ideas for a specific opportunity. 
  • Technology Scouts exploring a specific technological challenge or opportunity and want to gather diverse ideas on how to act best. 
  • Research and Development teams are responsible for creating new technologies and products and may need to generate and evaluate ideas to assist in developing innovative solutions. 
  • Business Development teams that want to generate and evaluate ideas for new business opportunities and partnerships.
  • Marketing teams that want to get input and internally test ideas for new marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, and promotional materials. 
  • Product Managers that want to get input from other business units on planned products, features and services.


3. How to set up an Ideation campaign

Click here to learn how to set up a campaign with the ITONICS Innovation OS.