Guide: Getting Started on the ITONICS Innovation OS

Unlock the power of using the ITONICS Innovation OS by following these guidelines. Level up your innovation management and get teams engaged on a single point of truth. Build a culture of innovation in your organization.

To get the most out of your first 30 days with ITONICS, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify your objectives 
  2. Decide on which use cases you will perform in the system first
  3. Dedicate time to familiarize yourself with the system
  4. Use system onboardings to accelerate meeting your goals
  5. Configure the system to meet your needs
  6. Engage the relevant stakeholders
  7. Use supporting material and ask questions
  8. Create an implementation plan

1. Identify a few objectives 

Start your journey on ITONICS by deciding what you will focus on during the first 30 days. Focus on your most crucial current challenges and set actionable goals that align with your organization's broader innovation strategy.


Based on the above, prioritize what you wish to achieve in the first 30 days of using ITONICS. For example, instead of stating a broad objective like "improve collaboration," make it more specific for the first 30 days, such as "using all the ITONICS collaboration features, get teams X, Y, Z to engage and collaborate with each other”. Be realistic about what can be accomplished in the first 30 days and set goals accordingly. 

Clearly communicate the identified objectives and associated timelines to your teams. Regularly track progress toward these objectives and share learnings and insights across the team to fast-track the process and inspire each other.

2. Decide on which use cases you will perform in the system first

Look for low-hanging fruit or quick wins that can deliver immediate value in your first 30 days of using the system. Identify use cases where you will be able to see an immediate impact, for example, if your organization struggles with identifying which new emerging technologies to focus on, prioritize a use case that improves and accelerates the evaluation of technologies. In ITONICS collective ratings and radar visualizations will enable you to perform this use case and quickly assess results. 

Engage key stakeholders in the decision-making process. Seek their input and insights to understand their pain points, priorities, and expectations. Assess the feasibility and complexity of each use case within the given timeframe. Consider factors such as resource availability and learning curves. Choose use cases that are realistic to accomplish within the first 30 days, and that support organizational goals. Be sure to take into account the necessary time for onboarding and training.

Here are a number of examples of achievable use cases in your first 30 days of using ITONICS:


3. Dedicate time to familiarize yourself with the system 

Create a schedule to help you dedicate time to work with the software. Set aside time to explore new features, configure settings, and perform your use cases on the platform. If you are part of a team, delegate responsibilities to ensure everyone contributes to the software's effective use. Assign tasks such as adding content to the system, rating drivers of change, configuring specific views that can be shared with stakeholders, and adding your current growth initiates as projects, so you can quickly view the health status of your projects and adjust according to internal and external changes. Focus on high-priority activities that align with your objectives and provide maximum value.

4. Use system onboardings to accelerate meeting your goals

By using the system onboardings, you have the opportunity to start familiarizing yourself with features and to start small. Perform small-scale activities first to allow for experimentation and learning. Use the system’s knowledge base and keep an eye out for any tutorials or webinars that will accelerate your learning. 

Stay updated on new releases and changes through product news in emails, in-system announcements, in-system support, and on the ITONICS knowledge base.

5. Configure the system to meet your needs

ITONICS offers many configuration options to help you set up the system to suit your unique use cases and organizational structure. Configuration options include the following:

You can configure the following in ITONICS:

✔️ Elements to reflect your use cases

✔️ Radar views to display what is of importance to you

✔️ Rating criteria to reflect your unique evaluation specifications

✔️ Search criteria in Insights to help you cut through the noise

✔️ Kanban board views to display what is of importance to you 

✔️ KPIs for monitoring your innovation portfolio

✔️ Ideation campaigns to suit your unique workflow

✔️ Roadmap views to display what is of importance to you 

✔️ Permissions and roles to suit your organization’s specific requirements

We recommend deciding on the most important configurations for your use case and doing these configurations first. You can always do more configurations at a later stage.

6. Engage the relevant stakeholders

Involve relevant stakeholders in the decision-making processes regarding the first use cases to perform in the system, first configurations, and specific roles and responsibilities for your first 30 days of using the system.  

Seek input from key team members to understand their needs and expectations, and encourage your teams to actively use the software. Emphasize its benefits and how it can improve their work and collaboration. This collaborative approach ensures you maximize the immediate value of working on the system.

7. Use supporting material and ask questions

Did you know you can level up your innovation management with the ITONICS Academy (Coming Soon)? Using ITONICS support will help you advance and scale your innovation management efforts and ensure the streamlining of activities on the system. 

Get in touch with ITONICS support any time - we are your partners in growth, and we are ready to help!

8. Create an implementation plan 

Once you have completed your first 30 days with ITONICS, you are ready to implement the software across your entire organization. The rollout of the new software requires planning and dedicated resources to ensure success. This download will help you plan your roll-out. Any more questions on how to successfully implement ITONICS? Get in touch! Our Customer Innovation Success Managers are ready to support your success.