How to drive collaboration with these 8 features

Engagement and collaboration are crucial in innovation management. Collaboration allows team members to benefit from each other's strengths and develop more effective solutions.

However, communication breakdowns, information overload, and resistance to participation can hinder effective collaboration. ITONICS helps address these issues. The ITONICS Innovation OS serves as a single point of truth, a shared workspace for teams, so that every contribution is seen and made transparent. 

Here are eight features of the ITONICS Innovation OS that enable engagement and collaboration:

1. Create and organize innovation knowledge

ITONICS provides best-practice templates for different types of content, including trends, technologies, competitors, companies, risks, opportunities, ideation campaigns, ideas, and projects. Elements serve as the basic building blocks of the ITONICS Innovation OS, which lets you organize and structure content so that it can be used across teams, enabling collaboration.collaboration_2

2. Comment and communicate

Create comments, react to someone else's comments, add attachments, or mention users and certain pieces of content. For example, you can mention a particular technology element related to a project of yours to draw attention to it and increase awareness.


3. Follow and share elements

Stay up to date on the development of elements you are interested in by using the watch element functionality. For example, as a program manager, you may want to stay updated on how startups and technologies evolve, and if they will impact your current and planned projects. Or you may want to share important developments within a project with colleagues in another department to find synergies and prevent overlaps.


4. Email notifications

Get notified via email when anything changes on the project, technology, trend, etc., you are following. Notifications can save teams time by letting them know when something requires their attention and, thus, can help increase user engagement within the ITONICS Innovation OS.


5. Share specific views

Save views configured to your specific use case, so that you can return to them quickly at any time and share them with colleagues to get their input. Saved search presets help your team to monitor the same changes in the external environment. Shared views facilitate communication between team members, allowing them to discuss and evaluate ideas, provide feedback, and share progress updates. By accessing the same information, team members can work together more effectively and avoid miscommunications.


6. Ideation and brainstorming

Bring together interdisciplinary teams with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to generate innovative solutions. When people with divergent skills and areas of expertise come together to solve a problem, they can approach it from multiple angles and find new solutions. Use ideation to invite colleagues or experts to submit ideas through the ITONICS Innovation OS, then get users to evaluate those ideas and push them through phase-gate workflows to decide, which ones to prioritize.

Note: this feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan. 

If you would like to test ideation, please get in touch with us via, and we will gladly activate it for you to test for free.


7. Ratings

Rate trends, technologies, startups, risks, opportunities, ideas, and more in your ITONICS workspace. Collaborative ratings help you make better decisions based on collective intelligence. By rating elements, individuals become involved in the process and feel like their perspective is incorporated. This can lead to greater participation and better-quality solutions.


8. Embed and report

Share intelligence with global teams and stakeholders using the ITONICS Embed feature. It enables you to display customized views on your own intranet or external webpage. Report on insights, opportunities, and progress to improve transparency and convince management to invest in innovation efforts. Use the export functionality to display your intelligence as PDF or PNG files that you can put in presentations or attach to emails.