🎬 How To Use the ITONICS Inspirations

Inspirations are evidence of how organizations or structures are innovating by adopting certain trends or technologies.

They stimulate reflection and ignite creativity for your own innovative ideas in the context of particular trends and technologies. Inspirations on ITONICS do not follow a structured process and are continually refreshed in support of the annual portfolio update of ITONICS Trends and Emerging Technologies

View the ITONICS Inspirations by opening the ITONICS Showroom Workspace, going to the Explorer grid view, and selecting Inspirations in the Element Type quick filter. By clicking on an Inspiration card in Grid view and opening the Element profile, you can see where and when the Inspiration was published, which tags have been assigned to it, and which other existing Elements in the system are related to the Inspiration.

In the Inspiration profile, you will also be able to see which Signals have already been connected to the Inspiration by the system, and you will have the option to filter these to help you, for example, establish whether there are patents connected to the Inspiration.

Filtering, relations, and tags help you to understand the broader context of the Inspiration, and clustering together of data turns data into Insights. Not only do Inspirations invite creativity, but working with Inspirations in the following ways will also help you to understand the current impact and scope of certain trends, technologies, and startups: 

  • Filter by tags to see all Inspirations for a particular topic.
  • View the RELATED TO Elements to see which Trends and Technologies the Inspiration is connected to.
  • See an Inspiration that you think may be important to your organization? Import it to your own workspace.
  • Ask your colleagues to evaluate the Inspiration to achieve a crowdsourced consensus, by moving it to your own Workspace, where you can then comment, and customize it to add ratings.

🎓  ITONICS segment the content pieces by their relevance for different industries using tags. This makes it easier for you to discover Inspirations interesting to you, either by filtering for the tags prefixed ir through Tag Filter, or using the existing filter Presets in the ITONICS Showroom.

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