How to Create Elements

Content is the lifeblood of your innovation platform. You can create Elements from the Explorer module.

  1. Navigate to the Explorer module. (1)
  2. Click on the Create button in the top right corner of the page (2). This will open the Create Content dialog, showing the Element Types you are able to create.
  3. Choose an Element Type (3) from the selection to create an Element from, and fill out the first basic information (title and summary) (4).
  4. Finish the creation process by clicking either the Publish button (5) to publish the Element right away, or use the Save as Draft button (6) to save the Element in a draft version that you can choose to publish at a later stage. You also have the convenient option to publish the respective Element and immediately create another Element by making use of the Create Another checkbox option, or [Alt + Enter] hotkey combination (7).

⬆️ Element Types will only ask for very basic information during creation in the creation dialog. Using the Element Configuration enables you to include further required Properties to Element Types after the initial creation.

💡 What makes a good Element

As described in this article about Elements, Elements are the foundation of the ITONICS Innovation OS. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating content:

  • Use concise language for the title and summary in particular, as these are used to create the Signals Feed.
  • Add sources and references as well as attachments to paint a fuller picture of the topic you are describing.
  • Add tags to the content, so your colleagues can more easily find the content they are looking for, e.g. using the Tag Filter Visualization.
  • Relate the Element to others in the system. This will help you and others to connect the dots and identify opportunities.
  • Reference other relevant Elements in the Element's description by using the Hashtag “#” letter.