Duplicate Detector

The duplicate detector is designed to prevent you from producing duplicate content before you add it to your ITONICS system. It ensures more efficient and organized content within your workspace and is most beneficial if you have a lot of elements to manage, e.g., during an ideation campaign.

How to use the duplicate detector

When you create a new element in your workspace, you will be prompted to enter a title for that element. As you type in the title, a search function is automatically triggered. This search function compares the title you are entering to the titles of other elements already within the same workspace of the same element type. (1)

The search will return all elements that show semantic similarities. The same words or parts of words between the title you are entering, and the existing elements, will be highlighted in bold letters for easy identification. You can then directly jump to any of the elements returned by the search by clicking on a small arrow on the right of the element. This will open a new tab, allowing you to view the existing element. (2)

You can now decide whether you were in the process of creating a duplicate. If so, you can simply abort the creation process. Otherwise, you can jump back to the original tab and continue with the creation of the new element.