Copying Elements Between Workspaces

In Explorer Grid or List views, you are able to select one or more Elements (see 1 below), and then copy those from one Workspace to another (see 2 below).

💡 You can use this feature to copy interesting content from the ITONICS Showroom into your own Workspace to edit and evaluate them. Have a look here for more information.

Activating Element types before copying

If you try to copy Elements of types that do not exist in the target Workspace, and you have the permission to configure the Workspace, the copying dialog will ask you whether you ant to activate those Element types in the target Workspace.

What happens with ratings when copying?

After copying Elements that already have ratings to another Workspace, only the average rating value will be copied over. These copied ratings will also be marked as such. As soon as you or a colleague add your own rating in the target Workspace, the average from the source Workspace will be overwritten.

Copying the same Element multiple times & forcing changes when copying

The copying action will ignore Elements in the selection that have previously been copied from the source to the target Workspace, so that changes you or your colleagues have made in the target Workspace don't accidentally get overwritten.

The copying action comes with the option to force an update of already copied Elements, though, to allow you to get the most up-to-date version of an Element in the target Workspace.


⚠️ When force copying Elements, most information will be overwritten in the Workspace you are copying to - with the information from the Workspace you are copying from. This includes information that wasn't changed in the Workspace you are copying from since the last time you copied the Elements. 

The following information will not be overwritten:

  • Ratings
  • Comments