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Featured image: Banks in Time of Digital Change

Banks in Time of Digital Change

Christian Schmitz, Senior Consultant Innovation & Digitization

"As soon as CBDCs are available. As soon as there's a digital Euro. I'll check it out. That's the task of an innovation manager."

In this episode, it's all about banking, cryptocurrencies, and the big question of how to explain modern banking to grandma. We welcome Christian Schmitz from DZ BANK, who in his role as Senior Consultant in the Innovation and Digitalization department not only runs DZ BANK's Innovation LAB and Think-and-Do-Tank, but also oversees trend and technology scouting to support strategic innovation management initiatives.

Together with Christian, we exchange ideas about the future of the monetary system, take a look behind the scenes of the DZ BANKS’s innovation radar and discuss the various LABS, how they are interlinked and their innovation impact for the DZ Bank. If you want to learn more about where DZ Bank is headed in the future, stay tuned!