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Featured image: The Toolbox for High-Impact Hybrid Work

The Toolbox for High-Impact Hybrid Work

Tom Kegode, People, Comms and Connections Lead

“I would describe myself as a friendly disruptor. And the people I probably give the most trouble to are those who are very set in their ways and their fixed mindset zone where innovation is hardly possible.” 

Today we are joined by Tom Kegode, People, Comms and Connections Lead at the Lloyds Banking Group. Calling himself a “friendly disruptor”, Tom is an expert in harnessing human innovation and the power of community to create a more inclusive workplace. 

With Tom, we'll explore how to make work a place of passion, the importance of communication, and tools to make hybrid working as impactful as possible for both sides. Tom also reveals why the best ideas don't come from behind a desk and talks about new approaches to brainstorming. For example, using a walking tour as an idea generator, because getting out of the environment can really help to spark creativity. Want to learn more? Then let's jump right in.

The episode at a glance:

Getting to know Tom

  • Who is Tom? (00:01:01)
  • Tom, please complete the 3 sentence starters… (00:03:16)

Reimagining the concept of work

  • Who does Tom give the most trouble to as “Professional Troublemaker, and how? (00:06:18)
  • Tom gives an example of a traditional way of 'doing things' being disrupted by innovation (00:07:49)
  • Why do we need hybrid work? (00:09:41)
  • Work-life balance discussion: Why would you balance your work if you actually have fun doing your work? (00:13:39)

The “Either-Or” game (00:16:06)

Toolbox for High-Impact Hybrid Work
  • Tom gives insights into the toolbox and provides some concrete examples for the implementation of high-impact hybrid work (00:17:47)
  • What can be done to foster creativity and innovation in a hybrid setting? (00:21:47)
  • How can organizations ensure that innovation efforts are integrated with day-to-day business operations, rather than seen as separate or competing priorities? (00:25:06)
  • The best ideas never come from behind a desk, but… (00:26:04)


Looking ahead: Tom’s vision for the evolution of hybrid work and innovation in the workplace (00:28:12)
Tom’s actionable key recommendations from this episode (00:32:20)
Looking back: Tom’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:33:51)

Further links:

Tom’s book recommendation “The Joy of Work” – according to Tom, a simple guide on how to do things to make a real difference fast, while showing you 30 ways to fall in love with your job again.