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    Running a Futures Council

    Tessa Finlev
    Head of Foresight

    Tessa Finlev, Dolby Laboratories’ first-ever Foresight Strategist, talks about the foresight movement and activities at Dolby Laboratories.

    Foresight | 38:33

    A Design x Foresight Approach

    Steven Fisher
    Innovation Leader & Design Futurist

    Innovation Leader & Design Futurist at McKinsey, Steven Fisher joins us on the Innovation Rockstars podcast to talk futurology in your corporate culture.

    Foresight | 31:14

    Collaboration Is the New Competition

    Michelle Gansle & Dr. Rupert Hofmann
    Vice President Global Strategic Insights & Initiator of the Foresight Academy

    Michelle Gansle, Vice President Global Strategic Insights and Dr. Rupert Hofmann, Initiator of the Foresight Academy talk about collaboration.

    Foresight | 40:30

    Banks in Time of Digital Change

    Christian Schmitz
    Senior Consultant Innovation & Digitization

    Senior Consultant in the Innovation and Digitalization department at DZ Bank, Christian Schmitz talks about banking, cryptocurrencies, and modern banking.

    Foresight | 43:03