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    The IKEA Innovation Community

    Justyna Baber
    Innovation Community Leader

    Justyna Baber introducing us to the IKEA innovation Community and the strategies used to keep this community active, growing and evolving over time.

    Foresight | 42:49

    The Metaverse at Work

    Leslie Shannon
    Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting

    Leslie Shannon, Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting at Nokia, about the potential and future of spatial computing, better known as the metaverse.

    Foresight | 47:09

    Running a Futures Council

    Tessa Finlev
    Futures Council Founder and Consulting Futurist

    Tessa Finlev, Dolby Laboratories’ first-ever Foresight Strategist, talks about the foresight movement and activities at Dolby Laboratories.

    Foresight | 38:33

    A Design x Foresight Approach

    Steven Fisher
    Innovation Leader & Design Futurist

    Innovation Leader & Design Futurist at McKinsey, Steven Fisher joins us on the Innovation Rockstars podcast to talk futurology in your corporate culture.

    Foresight | 31:14

    Collaboration Is the New Competition

    Michelle Gansle & Dr. Rupert Hofmann
    Vice President Global Strategic Insights & Initiator of the Foresight Academy

    Michelle Gansle, Vice President Global Strategic Insights and Dr. Rupert Hofmann, Initiator of the Foresight Academy talk about collaboration.

    Foresight | 40:30

    Banks in Time of Digital Change

    Christian Schmitz
    Senior Consultant Innovation & Digitization

    Senior Consultant in the Innovation and Digitalization department at DZ Bank, Christian Schmitz talks about banking, cryptocurrencies, and modern banking.

    Foresight | 43:03