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Featured image: When the Innovation Theater Kills Innovation

When the Innovation Theater Kills Innovation

Noelia Almanza Ahari, Senior Executive Advisory Innovation

"The worst thing about working in innovation is innovation theater, and innovation fatigue, which you can sort of die from as an innovation manager."

In this episode, we are joined by charming Noelia Almanza Ahari, a true Innovation Rockstar who has held several positions at the intersection of foresight, strategy, and people management in various industries, including health tech and defense. Most recently, Noelia accepted a contract working as Senior Development Manager at the world’s largest game & mobile game development company.

As this podcast marks a special anniversary for Noelia; as she celebrates 20 years as an innovation practitioner, Noelia speaks to us about the phenomenon of the “Innovation Theater”; what it is, why people avoid discussing it, as well as the danger it can cause to companies and innovation managers.

If you want to learn more about this phenomenon and hear from someone with two decades’ experience on how companies should utilize innovation managers to reach strategic goals, then stay tuned for this illuminating and vivid conversation.