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Featured image: The Power of Purpose-led Innovation

The Power of Purpose-led Innovation

Caroline Snyman, Group Innovation Lead

"But the magic ingredient beyond teamwork is when you find real purpose around which to innovate. Purpose creates that bold vision that people can align to and identify with."

As Group Innovation Lead at Distell, one of South Africa's leading alcoholic beverage manufacturers, Caroline Snyman is not only leading innovation strategy and implementation for the group but is also building innovation as a strategic capability across the organization to shape the business of tomorrow.

In this episode, we speak with Caroline about the value teamwork can have for a company like Distell, especially when it comes to staying relevant as a business, even under the intense and unexpected pressure of events as the Covid lockdown.

If you want to learn more about the power of purpose-driven innovation and the smart move the South African company made to stay afloat during the pandemic, then this is your episode.