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Featured image: About the Foresight Formula at Mars Wrigley

About the Foresight Formula at Mars Wrigley

Joanna Lepore, Global Foresight Lead

When it comes to innovative thinking and acting, Joanna Lepore - Global Foresight Lead at Mars Wrigley is all heart! In order to help Mars Wrigley identify and capitalize on opportunities for expansive growth, Jo even left her Australian homeland to live nowadays in the US.

In this episode, we not only explore the foresight formula at Mars Wrigley with Jo but also learn why it is so important to focus on true long-term strategic decisions rather than being guided by short-term trends. In addition to that, Jo also highlights why the involvement of external foresight experts and sources is crucial for a company like Mars Wrigley when it comes to painting a realistic picture of the outside world and the opportunities at hand.

If you want to learn more about the foresight formula at Mars Wrigley and why the focus of strategic thinking is increasingly shifting to the consumer and their changing needs, then this is your episode!

Still haven't had enough of Jo and her passion for innovative thinking? Then take a listen to Mars Wrigley’s own foresight podcast "Future Imagined", hosted by Jo.