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Innovation Management Software for your Company

Innovation Software Product Flyer Download ITONICS

ITONICS Enterprise – Enterprise End2End Innovation Software & Services

Innovation is driven by various factors: new and changing customer needs, technological developments, policies and laws, competitor activities and societal change. Cross-industry inspirations, ideas from employees, customers and suppliers, scientific publications, patents, competitor and market insights…

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Software for automated Identification of Trends and Technologies Download

ITONICS Scout – Software for automated Identification of Trends and Technologies

The amount of data produced worldwide is growing at an exponential rate. Data is stored in multiple internal and external databases. These large data volumes carry the potential to assist in identifying emerging trends, technologies…

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Trendradar Technology Radar Software - Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Radar – Software for collaborative Technology and Trend Management

Your company’s environment evolves at a rapid speed: new competitors, changing customer requirements and fast, radical changes in technology require flexible and sustainable strategies, as well as continuous innovation. A holistic, collaborative, software-based trend and technology management process allows…

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Foresight Software - Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Foresight – Software for collaborative Foresight Management

The development of realistic and probable future scenarios based on extensive data poses one of the greatest challenges these days. Companies and organizations can only develop a sustainable strategy with a clear understanding of the future in mind. The major challenges in a globalized world are…

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Ideation Software Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Campaigns – Software for collaborative and integrated Idea Management

Fresh ideas – the expertise and creative potential of a company’s own employees and customers are the most important sources of innovations. Idea management is a methodology for the systematic generation of ideas. It is a sub-discipline of innovation management and includes goal-oriented…

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Inspirator App ITONICS - Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Inspirator – Mobile App to collect innovative Inspirations on the go

ITONICS Inspirator is a mobile app to collect innovative inspirations on the go. Capture spontaneous ideas, exciting inputs and inspiring observations wherever you are. Use the Inspirator App especially at exhibitions, conferences or meetings to assemble, organize, and evaluate huge amounts of information every day...

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ITONICS Portfolio - Software for Agile Strategy Execution

Managing your portfolio is an ongoing process. New technologies might open new opportunities or pose additional threats. Societal trends or unforeseen developments might pose additional risks.

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Roadmap Software - Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Roadmap – Software for collaborative and integrated Roadmapping

Roadmaps are a widely used method in strategic planning. In practice, the use of roadmaps is mostly driven by solutions and technologies. An extension of this technological view to the dimensions of future markets, products and resources allows a holistic analysis of the proposed company situation…

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Web Clipper Product Flyer Download

ITONICS Web Clipper – Browser Extension to capture Inspirations from the Web

You are browsing the web and something catches your eye? ITONICS Web Clipper is a browser extension that enables you to discover and clip inspirations from the web and add them directly to your ITONICS Suite. After a quick setup, the plugin works with any ITONICS SaaS solution.

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