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Dr. Michael Durst

As the founder of ITONICS, Mike is the inventor who has developed ITONICS’ software to be the data-driven, innovation ecosystem platform it is today. Passionate about digital disruption, strategic foresight, new business models, intra- and entrepreneurship, and leveraging emerging technologies to create value at scale, Mike completed his Ph.D. at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

After many years in management consulting, he built and led a team around innovation and research at adidas. In 2009, Mike founded ITONICS to scale innovation from end to end in a systematic, collaborative, and integrated fashion at any kind of organization. Mike is passionate about the ITONICS software’s ability to “radically transform the way organizations innovate for a brighter future”. A thought leader in this field, Mike has given keynotes on topics such as digital disruption, emerging technologies, and end-to-end innovation, and has published in several outlets including the Technological Forecasting and Social Change journal:
Publication overview.

For many years Mike was active as professor in information technology and management and still enjoys teaching students, sharing knowledge, and exploring the mechanics behind innovation aside from growing ITONICS day-to-day.

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