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Artificial Intelligence in Innovation: How to Spot Emerging Trends and Technologies

Authors: Mühlroth, C.; Grottke, M. Published in: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (2020).

Firms apply strategic foresight in technology and innovation management to detect discontinuous changes early, to assess their expected consequences, and to develop a future course of action enabling superior company performance. For this purpose, an ever-increasing amount of data has to be collected, analyzed, and interpreted.

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Big Data in Innovation Management - Book Article

Big Data in Innovation Management: How Machine Learning is revolutionizing the Search for Trends & Technologies

Authors: Kölbl, L., Mühlroth, C., Wiser, F. et al. In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik 56 (2019). 

The article presents the results of a study on the challenges of successful innovation management in companies and introduces an environmental scanning system that increases the efficiency of innovation management with the help of Big Data Analytics.

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Strategic Service Business Development - Book

Strategic Service Business Development

Authors: Durst, C.; Lumme, N.: Strategic Service Business Development – Identify innovation potential and secure competitive advantages. In: Bruhn, M.; Hadwich, K. (Ed.): Service Business Development. Springer 2018, S. 103-117.

The article presented here takes a holistic view of service business development, from environment scanning to the implementation roadmap of the developed service concepts.

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A Systematic Literature Review of Mining Weak Signals and Trends for Corporate Foresight

Authors: Mühlroth, C.; Grottke, M. In: Journal of Business Economics, Issue 5/2018.

The findings presented in this paper point to future research opportunities, and they can help practitioners decide which sources to exploit and which data mining techniques to apply when trying to detect weak signals and trends.

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Software-supported Technology Roadmapping - Article

Software-supported Technology Roadmapping

Authors: Durst, C.; Durst, M.: Software-supported Technology Roadmapping. In: Möhrle, M.; Isenmann, R. (Publ.): Technology Roadmapping – Future Strategies for Technology Companies. Springer 2017, S. 185-198.

The book provides the tools to design future strategies for technology companies, to expand their technological position over time, to identify market opportunities early on, and to deploy resources in a goal-oriented manner. 

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Book Article: The early phase of the innovation process - from environmental scanning to roadmapping

Integrated Innovation Management – From Environmental Scanning to Roadmapping

Authors: Durst, C.; Durst, M.: Integrated Innovation Management – From Environmental Scanning to Roadmapping. In: Abele, T. (Publ.): The early Phase of the Innovation Process: new Perspectives. Springer 2016, S. 217-233.

This book offers a logically structured set of methods covering important and current aspects regarding the early phase of the innovation process. They cover the whole range from market-pull/customer-oriented to technology-push based approaches in both manufacturing and service-oriented companies.

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Future Management System for future Retail Banking - Book Article

A Future Management System for the Retail Banking of the Future

Authors: Durst, M.; Durst, C.: A Future Management System for the Retail Banking of the Future. In: Seidel, M.; Liebetrau, A. (Publ.): Banking & Innovation. Springer 2016, S. 195-209.

In this book, innovation experts from the German banking and finance scene from academia and practice present new strategic, organizational, cultural, technical and methodological solutions to problems in the banking industry.

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Holistic Approach to Strategic Foresight - German Federal Armed Forces

A Holistic Approach to Strategic Foresight: A Foresight Support System for the German Federal Armed Forces

A holistic approach to strategic foresight: A foresight support system for the German Federal Armed Forces. In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Available online 7 February 2014. ISSN 0040-1625.

This article contributes to the field of foresight support systems by documenting and demonstrating the development and implementation of a foresight support system tailored for the German Federal Armed Forces. 

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Future Research 2.0 in Companies

Future Research 2.0 in Companies. In: Reinheimer, S.; Winter, R. (Publ.): HMD – Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Issue 282. dpunkt.verlag GmbH, Heidelberg 2011.

This paper describes an innovative software tool that documents, classifies, and enables evaluation of risks and trends in medium- and long-term early warning. Here, a resource-oriented and a market-oriented view is combined.

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Innovation Management in Enterprises: Collaborative Trend Analysis using Web 2.0 Technologies

Innovation Management in Enterprises: Collaborative Trend Analysis using Web 2.0 Technologies. In: António Palma dos Reis (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference – Collaborative Technologies 2011, Rom, Italien 2011, S. 203-208.

In this paper, trend management processes are introduced and demonstrated how trends can be collected, structured and communicated within the enterprise using a customized wiki.

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Collaborative Trend Management

In: Proceedings of the XXII ISPIM Conference, Hamburg 2011.

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Idea Management 2.0 - Magazine

Idea Management 2.0 – Develop, Evaluate & Select Ideas Together

Idea Management 2.0 - Develop, Evaluate & Select Ideas Together. In: Wissensmanagement - The Magazine for Managers, Issue May 4, 2010.

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