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Integrate Strategy into Day-to-day Life of the entire Company

Build a consensus across your company with a collaborative roadmap software

Your own Roadmap now simply online

Get started right away and create your own Innovation Ecosystem in a few steps

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Spur Innovation and Growth with Integrated Roadmaps

Plan the development of current and future products and technologies in a collaborative roadmap tool

Interactive roadmap visualization

Intuitive zooming, filtering, highlighting of content, graphical features and custom views.

Time machine

Reproduce changes over time visually and intuitively.

Use case customizable

Create product, technology, market or project roadmaps and apply your own symbolic language and wording.

Roadmap Tool Visualization with ITONICS Roadmap

Roadmap on roadmap

Create, combine, and aggregate roadmaps for individual departments, business units, or the whole company.

Seamless integration

Bring your roadmap to life by integrating it into your existing system landscape and expanding it with tools such as ITONICS Portfolio or ITONICS Radar.

Integrated Roadmapping - Roadmap on Roadmap

Same roadmap, different views

Release roadmaps individually and use the customized roadmaps for the communication with dedicated target groups, etc.

One-click export

Export roadmaps either as a whole or individually filtered in various formats.

Roadmap Milestones & Data Export

What you see is what you get

Fill in data, set filters, save different views and run quick analyses of development paths.

Boardroom ready

Present directly from ITONICS Roadmap - without any detours via presentation tools.

Strategic Roadmap Software Tool

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