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Trends and Emerging Technologies 2023


Foresight intelligence at your fingertips

Kickstart your continuous foresight journey with access to a dynamic collection of trends, emerging technologies, and inspiring real-world examples of innovation. Well researched, evaluated, continuously monitored, and updated by our analyst team.

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Deep analysis. Broad insights. Empowered perspectives.

Use our collection of trends and technologies as a launchpad for environmental scanning. Discover reliable, future-focused, and actionable insights. Quickly identify relevant drivers of change and their implications for your business, industry, and role.

  • 170+ drivers of change
  • Relationship mapping between drivers
  • Evidence-based trend and tech ratings
  • Inspiring examples of real-world innovation
  • Industry and megatrend filters
  • New content added continuously

Drivers of change shaping the future


Understand the market pull driving new demands

  • Explore 90+ trends defined by changes in consumer behaviors and needs over time
  • Access detailed explanations of how each trend has evolved, implications for innovation, and a snapshot of its future potential
  • Navigate the trend landscape using macro-environmental segmentation
  • Prioritize information based on predefined trend rating criteria

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Understand the technology push driving new solutions

  • Explore 80+ technologies enabling new business models, products, and services
  • Access detailed explanations of how each technology has developed, implications for innovation, and how it is a potential game changer
  • Navigate the technology landscape using an established technology taxonomy
  • Prioritize information based on predefined technology rating criteria

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Gain inspiration from real-world examples of innovation

  • Explore thousands of cross-industry inspirations to nurture fresh thinking
  • Gather evidence of how innovative businesses are responding to emerging technologies and trends
  • Look beyond your category and connect information in new ways
  • Provide springboards for ideation

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Illustrate meaningful futures

  • Easily detect where change is occurring across industries, megatrends, and macro-environmental spheres
  • Visualize the relations between external and internal information within your innovation ecosystem
  • Intuitively search, filter, and categorize information of interest based on descriptive tags
  • Use preconfigured signals feeds scanning millions of data points to monitor trends and technologies

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Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies of the Future

Industry presets

Industry leadership requires industry intelligence.

Apply one of our various industry preset filters to quickly filter down and access the trends, technologies, and inspirations that hold the greatest relevance and potential impact within your industry.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • Chemicals & Materials
  • Energy
  • Food & Drink
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Retail

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Megatrends of the Future

Megatrend presets

Megatrends represent big shifts driving future disruption and change across all industries.

Select one of our megatrend presets to quickly filter down and access the drivers of change that align with your strategic goals. 

  • Digital Transformation
  • Future of Work
  • Sustainability Imperative

Explore megatrends

Discover the ITONICS trends and technologies for 2023+

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Kickstart your foresight journey with ITONICS trends and technologies

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1. Launch the Innovation OS

To get started, create an account in the ITONICS Innovation OS. Sign up with a 30-day free trial or request a free demo.

2. Refine the scope

Apply various presets and filters to quickly identify the emerging technologies, trends, and inspirations that are most relevant to your business environment.

3. Create a custom workspace

Select and copy the content you have identified into your own workspace for further analysis.

4. Visualize drivers of change

Use the Technology and Trend Radars to easily visualize, compare, and evaluate each driver of change in your workspace.

5. Collaboratively rate

Collaboratively review the predefined ratings and establish your own internal set of rating criteria based on your foresight objectives.

6. Continuously monitor

Automatically track signals related to each driver of change. See how the frequency, geographic distribution, and relevance of signals change over time.

Continuous foresight methodology, combining human and machine intelligence


1. Trusted sources

Using ITONICS Insights as the scouting engine, our analysts rely on data from thousands of verified sources across top-trafficked news sites, curated RSS feeds, European and U.S. patent databases, and scientific publications. These sources are updated on a daily, or in the case of patents, weekly basis and incorporate millions of signals. 

2. Signals scanning

We monitor signals of change observed across industries and markets. We maintain a library of key search fields to help identify potential new drivers of change. In addition, we track recent developments related to our existing collection of trends and technologies using a machine-generated signals feed for each element.

3. Automated insights

Based on natural language processing (NLP), ITONICS Insights automatically tags signals and organizes them into timeline, world map, and topic cluster visualizations. We use these tools to identify broad patterns within our defined search fields—for instance, if a topic is on the rise or decline, in which countries it is growing, and to what other trends, technologies, industries, and megatrends it is related. 

4. Critical analysis

Equipped with evidence of where and how change is occurring, we perform additional research and analysis to attribute context and substance to our trends and technologies. We investigate each driver’s development, consider the implications for innovation, and provide a snapshot of its future potential. These findings are packaged and integrated into the ITONICS Innovation OS.

5. Analyst ratings

Our analysts attribute evidence-based ratings to each trend and technology available in the Innovation OS. We track various criteria using Insights data and incorporate best practice methods from Gartner and NASA. The trend and technology radars are preconfigured based on these analyst ratings for easy visualization and evaluation.

6. Continuous monitoring

We engage in continuous environmental scanning, monitoring macro-environmental factors and weak signals on the horizon. These developments and projections prompt us to merge, archive, update, and add new trends, technologies, and inspirations on an ongoing basis. Providing you with credible and robust foresight intelligence.

Evidence-based trend and technology ratings



How far-reaching is the potential influence of the driver on the market?

Using data from ITONICS Insights, we measure occurrences of keywords associated with each trend and technology across three dimensions: signals, industries, and regions. From this data, we derive a weighted mean value to indicate market reach.


Potential impact

How high is the potential impact of the driver on the market?

We collect market growth data from multiple sources, accounting for variation by aggregating this information and extrapolating it to arrive at a projected market value in 2025 for each trend and technology.


Time-to-market impact

When can the trend be expected to have a substantial impact on the market?

We map each trend along Gartner’s Hype Cycle to determine its relative market position.


Adoption stage

How mature is the trend in the market?

We determine each trend’s relative position on the adoption curve by aggregating the scores across scope, market potential, and time-to-market impact. 



How high is the complexity of the technology?

We derive a complexity score based on the number of connections each technology forms with other elements in the Innovation OS.


Technology attractiveness

How much interest from patents and funding does the technology attract?

Using data from ITONICS Insights and Crunchbase, we derive a weighted mean score based on the number of patents and total funding amount for active companies (above the threshold of USD 500,000). 

Trend-and-tech-rating-Technology-readiness-level -7

Technology readiness level

How mature is the technology?

We map each technology to the technology readiness level (TRL) scale, originally defined by NASA, to determine its maturity.

Here’s what else you need to get started quickly

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Got more questions? We've got answers.

What is a trend?

A trend is a demand driver that represents new consumer attitudes, expectations, behaviors, or other market shifts that drive new change. Trends are an indication of market pull, guiding innovators in knowing what consumers need, desire, and occasionally demand.

What is a technology?

A technology is a type of solution driver that represents a tool designed through R&D and innovation in response to new consumer needs or desires. Technologies are an indication of market push, enabling new business models, products, and services.

What is an inspiration?

An inspiration is evidence of how organizations or individuals are innovating in response to a trend, technology, or other driver of change in the real world. Inspirations serve as springboards for ideation, helping innovators look beyond their category, connect information in new ways, and nurture fresh thinking.

How do I identify relevant ITONICS trends and technologies?

ITONICS provides access to a collection of well-researched and rigorously evaluated trends and technologies and a dynamic collection of inspirations—all packaged and assimilated into the Innovation OS. You can apply various thematic and tag filters and use visualizations to identify the drivers of change that align with your strategic goals.

Consider the trend and technology descriptions with projections of future potential, the various predefined analyst ratings, and relations to other elements in the OS. It is recommended to also collaboratively evaluate each driver based on your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

How do I use ITONICS Insights to monitor trends and technologies?

ITONICS Insights delivers the information needed to discover early signals of change. It sorts through millions of data points from verified sources, including news, scientific publications, and patents, then classifies the information with automatic tagging.

Once you have explored and chosen which trends and technologies are relevant to your business, you can then use the timeline, world map, and topic cluster visualizations to identify broad patterns. For instance, see easily if an identified trend, technology, or topic is on the rise or decline, in which countries it is growing or declining, and to which other areas of information it is related.