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Featured image: ITONICS Acquires Braineet to Shape the Innovation Management Software Category

ITONICS Acquires Braineet to Shape the Innovation Management Software Category

Paris and Nuremberg, Jan. 11th, 2024

ITONICS, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for innovation management, is excited to announce the acquisition of Braineet, a prominent player in crowdsourcing and innovation portfolio management. This strategic acquisition is set to create a powerhouse in the world of innovation management software, offering enhanced capabilities and expanded services to businesses globally.

A shared vision for innovation excellence

Both ITONICS and Braineet have been at the forefront of innovation management, scaling innovation predictably for organizations. Together, we are helping businesses transform from trends and emerging technologies to opportunities and ideas into tangible outcomes. The acquisition is more than a merge of two companies; it's a fusion of shared values and visions focused on empowering businesses to stay ahead in rapidly changing markets.

"Braineet provides an unparalleled user experience and transparency over all activities within the innovation funnel. Their impressive capabilities in crowdsourcing and innovation portfolio workflows perfectly complement the ITONICS Innovation OS. I am very much looking forward to the synergies and the powerful innovation management offerings we will create with this merger," says Dr. Christian Mühlroth, CEO at ITONICS. 

"After ten years of building the most flexible crowdsourcing and the most visual and intuitive innovation portfolio management, I am excited to grow on a global scale with this merger," adds Pierre Gourlaouen, co-founder and CPTO at Braineet.

"Innovation is a discipline. It can't be improvised or left to chance. Like any other discipline, it can be practiced and perfected over time by using the right frameworks, tools, and KPIs for your organization, no matter which industry you’re in. That's how you can build an innovation system that gets solid results in a predictable way. The combination of ITONICS and Braineet is the perfect match to make leading organizations across the globe successful with the most end-to-end and flexible innovation software in the market." says Jonathan Livescault, co-founder and CEO at Braineet.

ITONICS acquires Braineet ITONICS acquires Braineet

Unparalleled expertise and comprehensive solutions

With this acquisition, ITONICS combines its robust software suite with Braineet's unique approach to innovation management. The synergy will result in a comprehensive platform offering state-of-the-art tools for open innovation, crowdsourcing, continuous improvement, idea management, trend and technology monitoring, strategy and scenario development, digital transformation, portfolio management and transformation roadmapping, and many more. This enhanced product offering is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in various sectors, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Commitment to customer success and seamless integration

Both ITONICS and Braineet teams are committed to providing uninterrupted service and support throughout the integration process. Customers of both companies can look forward to benefiting from a broader range of services and an even more robust and rich innovation management platform.

A future-forward approach

Looking ahead, the combined expertise of ITONICS and Braineet will lead the innovation management software category into the future. With more and more AI-driven features, intuitive user experiences, and enterprise-grade operations, security, and integrations, Braineet and ITONICS have already defined a combined roadmap to shape innovation management.

For more information on the acquisition or to learn more about the enhanced services and solutions, please visit or contact us.


ITONICS offers an end-to-end innovation management SaaS. Its AI-powered platform, combined with a systematic framework to steer innovation efforts, helps companies to identify emerging technologies, trends, and market potential and translate them into customized growth strategies. With more than 150 employees in 5 offices worldwide, ITONICS supports innovation leaders such as adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Mondelez, Siemens, and KPMG.

About Braineet

Braineet offers innovation management SaaS, delivering visibility and control over innovation funnels. By using Braineet, organizations can achieve scalable and predictable innovation. It offers robust processes and complete visibility for stakeholders and employees to scale innovation consistently. With its user-friendly interface and flexible tools, Braineet supports unique innovation management styles and fosters a culture of innovation at all levels. Braineet is a key player in supporting companies like Sodexo, T-Mobile, Schneider Electric, Unilever, and Clarins to achieve their innovation goals.