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Featured image: 5 Ways to Automate Emerging Technology Monitoring with ITONICS
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5 Ways to Automate Emerging Technology Monitoring with ITONICS

Technology managers are entrusted with the profound responsibility of keeping pace with change and orchestrating a harmonious convergence of cutting-edge advancements. Their mission? To navigate the dynamic landscape of technological advancements and strategically integrate emerging technologies into business operations. By understanding organizational goals, market trends, and technological possibilities, they develop comprehensive strategies that leverage technology to propel the company forward.

Keeping pace requires constant vigilance, discerning which trends have real potential from mere fads, and integrating relevant developments into existing systems without disrupting core operations, all while navigating competitive pressures and technological complexities. The sheer volume and speed of technological developments can make this task overwhelming. Identifying the most relevant technologies amidst the noise poses a significant challenge.

The good news is: we have arrived at a point where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can serve as an effective cure to the cognitive limitations and help alleviate many of the key pain points of technology managers. AI can significantly aid by filtering through vast amounts of data to identify and prioritize key environmental signals of major technological advancements. Through machine learning algorithms, AI can automate the real-time monitoring process, providing curated insights and alerts, thus enabling managers to focus on strategic decision-making and overcome information overload. With the Innovation OS, ITONICS has set out to provide technology managers with the toolset to combine human expertise and AI capabilities to enable the automated, dynamic, and fast monitoring of emerging technologies.

Building up your technology intelligence

Technology managers can amplify their ability to navigate the tech landscape effectively with the help of platforms designed to speed up and streamline processes.

An Innovation OS is a holistic solution that provides a structured framework and acts as a centralized hub for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information related to emerging technologies, market dynamics, and internal capabilities. Here's how technology managers are leveraging the Innovation OS to build and enhance their technology intelligence.

Staying informed about the latest technological advancements

Using a centralized repository for a myriad of information sources from patent information to industry publications, technology managers can access a wealth of data within the Innovation OS, eliminating the need to navigate disparate sources.

Opting to Watch a specific technology within the ITONICS system triggers email alerts, providing technology managers with real-time updates on significant spikes or declines in interest surrounding that technology. The system meticulously tracks signals related to the chosen technology, promptly notifying managers of noteworthy increases or drops in information over specified periods. For instance, it can highlight a substantial surge in patent filings for a specific technology during a particular timeframe.

Leveraging the power of Automated Monitoring enables technology managers and scouts to stay informed about the latest technological advancements and trends and bring awareness to the intellectual property landscape, including patents and licensing, especially when dealing with cutting-edge technologies.

When observing these Key Events on a timeline, teams gain a swift understanding of technological developments and their evolution over time. This approach extends to examining influencing drivers of change such as trends, risks, strategic focus fields, or startups. The visual representation allows teams to grasp the intricacies of technological evolution and its broader ecosystem, facilitating informed decision-making.

Technology developments over time in ITONICS

Identify technologies with business potential faster and with less effort

As a technology manager, scout, or innovation manager, you might be monitoring a rapidly evolving technology with new solutions and startups emerging swiftly. How do you stay ahead and make sure you don't miss crucial developments?

Enter the power of machine intelligence – your secret weapon. Picture this: You're specifically interested in keeping tabs on Creative AI. By opting to Watch this technology in your ITONICS Innovation OS, you'll receive timely alerts about significant changes directly in your inbox. Once inside the system, you can dive into the individual signals contributing to these changes. For example, filtering for signals from scientific publications allows you to quickly scan for any new technologies that pique your interest.

Monitor developments for the technology "Creative AI"

When you identify a promising technology that could impact your organization or align with your strategy, you can save it. Then, you can bring in your colleagues or other experts to evaluate the new technology, deciding whether it deserves further exploration. This collaborative approach ensures that important developments aren't merely observed but thoroughly assessed for their relevance and potential impact on your organization.

Rating technologies in ITONICS


To monitor the progress of a new technology, utilize the ITONICS system's Speed of Change ratings. These ratings offer quick insights into the technology's development speed, providing scores for both 90 and 180 days.

If you're actively searching for new technologies within a particular area of interest, leverage the advanced filters in Insights. This feature allows you to refine your search based on specific criteria. Visualize intriguing signals on a Timeline or Worldmap to gain a visual understanding of ongoing developments.

Provide more accurate and up-to-date recommendations on technology opportunities

Technology managers play a pivotal role in guiding their organizations through the ever-evolving tech landscape. This may require regularly updating stakeholders on what’s hot and what’s not. The tech world is characterized by constant innovation and rapid developments. Staying informed about the latest technologies and discerning their relevance to the organization is a perpetual challenge for technology managers. The key lies not just in keeping up with developments but in providing recommendations that are not only accurate but also timely.

Make ITONICS Key Events your automation ally to stay current with tech developments and understand them in the context of their evolution over time. Adjust the timeline filter and visualize changes on a helpful timeline to get a comprehensive view.


You will soon be able to understand developments even faster with the new Strong Signals feature. This feature automatically groups information from news sources responsible for sudden or sustained spikes in interest related to a specific technology. These clusters help you swiftly comprehend the reasons for the spikes, aiding in quick decision-making. For instance, Strong Signals for technology A might reveal a spike due to a merger of company X, a developer of the technology, while for technology B, the spike might be linked to a new patent filing.

In addition to ITONICS Key Events, ITONICS Matrix supports data-driven decision-making through expert evaluations. This tool allows comparisons of different technologies based on specific criteria, facilitating more informed recommendations.

Technology portfolio with ITONICS Matrix

Automate emerging technology monitoring with an Innovation Operating System

Emerging Technology Managers find themselves at the forefront of a transformative era, charged with the mission of seamlessly integrating cutting-edge advancements into the fabric of their organizations.

The integration of an Innovation OS serves as a linchpin in this dynamic journey. Acting as a centralized hub, it empowers Technology Managers to streamline processes and amplify their ability to navigate the tech landscape effectively. Leveraging this holistic solution, teams can break through the noise, swiftly identifying relevant technologies, and staying informed about the latest developments.

Amidst the challenges posed by the fast-evolving landscape of emerging technologies, Technology Managers must grapple with overwhelming volumes of information, dynamic market trends, and the complexities of managing multiple projects simultaneously. Navigating this intricate terrain requires not only deep expertise but also the capacity to connect technology developments with tangible business outcomes, establishing credibility as a knowledgeable source in the field of emerging technologies. Armed with the right tools, Emerging Technology Managers become architects of innovation, driving their organizations toward a tech-forward future.




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  • How customizable is the automation process for monitoring emerging technologies in the ITONICS system? Can organizations tailor this to fit their specific industry needs and focus areas?

The customization options in the ITONICS Innovation OS enable organizations to tailor the technology monitoring process to their specific needs, allowing them to focus on the most relevant emerging technologies in their industry.

  • How can an organization measure the impact or ROI of automating emerging technology monitoring? Are there specific metrics or KPIs that ITONICS recommends tracking?

To measure the impact of automating emerging technology monitoring, organizations could track various metrics, such as the efficiency of identifying new technologies, the effectiveness of integrating these insights into strategic planning, or the overall improvement in innovation processes.

  • What is the learning curve for ITONICS' system, and does the company provide training or support for organizations to effectively implement and use the technology monitoring tool?

Organizations might need to consider the time and resources required for their teams to become proficient in using the system, along with ongoing support from their Customer Success Manager to ensure effective use of their technology monitoring tools.