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Featured image: What Does a (Good) Innovation Operating System Look Like
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What Does a (Good) Innovation Operating System Look Like

What Does a (Good) Innovation Operating System Look Like

Innovation management software tools are essential when you want to increase your company’s speed, collaboration, and productivity in identifying innovation opportunities and moving ideas to execution. Without it, you’ll waste effort trying to stay ahead of the competition using ill-suited or dispersed tools. That’s why it’s important to choose a software solution that suits your organization’s requirements, removing hurdles to make it easier for you to innovate.

The fact that you’re reading this article means you want to assess what your company requires and make an informed decision. There’s a variety of innovation software out there, all with different strengths. Some specialize in gathering ideas from employees, some provide colorful Kanban boards for steering innovation projects, while other tools are best at market intelligence.

We proudly call our software the #1 Innovation OS because it is the only one that enables the full end-to-end innovation process — all on one platform. From understanding change in your business environment to spotting opportunities, selecting ideas, to executing innovation projects, the ITONICS innovation management software interconnects all those phases, so you don’t have to export info from one tool to another and establish one single point of truth.

Feature Description and Value

ITONICS Product Feature

An analyst-curated portfolio of trends and emerging technologies as well as industry and megatrend presets to kickstart your foresight and environmental scanning.


ITONICS Trends & Technologies

Signal search market intelligence to move from
data to insight fast.

insights-icon   Insights

Radar visualization to accelerate the discovery of innovation opportunities and make informed decisions.

radar-icon  Radar

Configurable workflows for ideation campaigns and
open innovation initiatives to collect, evaluate, report on, and integrate ideas to maximize innovation potential.

Campaigns-Icon  Campaigns

Portfolio analysis with quadrants to compare, monitor,
and evaluate your innovation portfolios in an agile way.


Innovation roadmap chart to plan, map and track all innovation projects and ensure team alignment.

roadmap-icon  Roadmap

While numerous software companies provide some of the features needed for end-to-end innovation, only ITONICS has the features needed for every phase of the process. Imagine you’re ordering take-out for lunch. Sure, you could get fries from one shop, a can of soda from another, and then your spicy wrap from a different one, getting a separate bill from each. Or you could conveniently fulfill your requirements from one provider with a package designed in a way that the various ingredients complement each other.

We’ve thought through the end-to-end innovation process for you, based on our experience working with of global industry leaders, to make sure you’re supported from start to finish. With ITONICS you’ll start by using our trend and emerging technologies content, specially curated by our analysts, as the launchpad for your own monitoring of change in the business environment. We call this the “Where to Play” phase of innovation — use the ITONICS Innovation OS to discover opportunities for growth.

The second phase “How to Win” involves gathering ideas and selecting the right concepts to solve specific challenges. This often involves ideation campaigns, but with ITONICS the ideas aren’t limited to just that phase. You can connect and pull information from previous phases into the execution phase, “What to Execute”, using our integrated portfolio and project management features.

ITONICS Innovation OS features in the end-to-end innovation process

We see ITONICS as an “operating system” for innovation because it effectively brings a range of tools together. Instead of you and your colleagues using an assortment of software or documents for growth strategy, foresight, environmental scanning, ideation, open innovation, portfolio management, or roadmapping, ITONICS is one integrated solution. It becomes a single point of truth to unify your company's innovation activities instead of scattered efforts by different teams across various documents and tools.

The ITONICS Innovation OS is a one-stop software solution. That advantage is what sets ITONICS apart from alternatives. Valuable content and tools are integrated and centralized in one platform so you can skip tedious tasks and get straight to what matters most. With ITONICS, innovation teams can scan through vast amounts of signals, arrive at answers fast, inspire fresh thinking and steer progress all the way to project execution and product launch. So choose a solution that is truly end-to-end and systemizes all activities from strategy to execution. Request a demo today.

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