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ISO 56002: A Global Guide for Innovation Management - Blog Article
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ISO 56002 - A Global Guide For Innovation Management

The first global standard for innovation management is in place - ISO 56002. Already in 2017 we introduced in an article the new ISO standard - formerly known as ISO 50501, a guideline for the promotion of innovation and innovation management systems in companies. Since 2014, more than 100 experts from 52 countries have worked together on the new standard, which was officially published in July 2019.

Below you find an overview of what the new standard means for organizations.

What is ISO?

The International Organization of Standards (ISO) is an independent international organization with the goal of establishing requirements, specifications, guidelines, and practices to promote consistent knowledge, mutual cooperation and a common understanding in scientific, technological, and economic activities. Currently, over 160 countries are part of ISO.

What Does the Standard Contain?

The new ISO standard serves as a guideline and structure provider to ensure the continuous improvement of innovation management systems and to set a common language and standard. All elements required for the establishment, management, and improvement of a structured management system for innovation are essential for the implementation of the standard. These includes core components such as the internal and external context of the respective organization, cultural and collaborative aspects, the role of the management, workflows, objectives and the innovation process itself.

The standard is based on the overarching standard for management systems and can be easily combined with other management system standards, such as quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) or asset management (ISO 55001).

Who is ISO 56002 Aimed at?

ISO 56002 addresses all established organizations regardless of industry and size, all types of innovation (products, services, processes, models and methods) and additionally all types of innovation approaches (internal and open innovation, user, market, technology and design-driven innovation activities).

In particular, organizations that strive for sustainable success through innovation activities and want to improve their understanding of a holistic innovation management system are affected. This standard also focuses on users and customers who seek confidence and security in an organization's ability to innovate, trainers, consultants, and auditors for innovation management, as well as policymakers and their support programs for society and the economy.

What Does ISO 56002 Actually Mean?

ISO 56002 can be used as a tool for the verification of innovation projects and as a benchmark for the validation of innovation services. Nevertheless, the standard remains a voluntary guidance.

The professionalization and standardization of innovation management will continue to gain momentum in the future. In addition to ISO 56002, work is already in progress on further standards relevant to the topic:

  • ISO 56000: Innovation Management - Basics and Vocabulary 
  • ISO 56005: Innovation Management - Tools and Methods for Managing the Intellectual Property 
  • ISO 56006: Innovation Management - Strategic Intelligence Management 
  • ISO 56007: Innovation Management - Idea Management

In order to fully comply with the new standard and implement it in your own company, it can be helpful, despite numerous sources, to consult experienced innovation management experts for the concrete implementation. Although the standard contains valuable information about what a successful implementation looks like and what is involved, it does not provide any information about HOW these requirements can be realized.

We at ITONICS have been using standardized processes for a long time, which we are continuously refining in order to leave our innovation approaches neither to chance nor to chaos. Therefore, we welcome this necessary general standardization through ISO 56002 and are happy to answer your questions and suggestions!


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