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Featured image: 5 Years of ITONICS

5 Years of ITONICS

Today is a very special day for ITONICS – we are in the market for exactly 5 years now! As maybe not everybody is well aware of the company history let’s see how it happened:


After many years in management consulting and in innovation departments we were always thinking: Is there a software suite around for strategy and innovation? Something like a standard solution to steer, manage and integrate all methods, processes and functions within the area of holistic and strategic innovation? We could not find anything and that’s why we started ITONICS in 2009. Simple idea: build a collaborative, intuitive and lightweight software solution allowing midsize and large companies to be more innovative and to manage the future much better than today. Start with a Trend-Radar!Thanx to first clients believing in us and our enthusiasm we did manage to not only get the first solution on the market but also grow the team and learn a lot on doing the right thing and doing the things right!

2010 and

The Trend-Radar was followed by the Idea-Manager and more and more opportunities came to us. First in Germany with clients like Continental, DATEV, DIEHL and MAN and soon on international level. For the World Economic Forum we concepted and implemented collaborative risk management and anti-corruption communities and supported workshops in Geneva, New York and Brussels. Soon our office space in Fürth was too small and we had to move to a downtown space in Nuremberg.

2012 and

With a solid client base we could now again head for new frontiers: strategic foresight! The at that time largest project for us at the strategic planning division within the Bundeswehr gave us the opportunity to build the most integrated online tool within strategic foresight. More than 20 methods in foresight, innovation management and strategy making are integrated within one holistic platform. Due to the growing demand in software engineering we started some experiments in offshore locations. By accident we came to Kathmandu and were more than impressed by the great people, skills and motivation we found over there! In parallel we started looking for an office space and a team in Berlin. And we found a great location and soon had a fantastic team over there and in Kathmandu!

Today and

Today we serve more than 40 international clients with software, consulting and customization and administrative services. Our software package for strategy and innovation is the most holistic and integrated on the market. We are undergoing a massive change these days as we are upgrading all our solutions and adding new features nearly every week.We would like to thank our clients, partners, friends and everybody who joined us on this crazy journey!


5 Years ITONICS Innovation