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Featured image: 4 Ways to Scale Idea Generation with ITONICS Smart Ideation
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4 Ways to Scale Idea Generation with ITONICS Smart Ideation

One of the cornerstones of scalable ideation is the ability to bring diverse perspectives together - a pivotal element in cultivating a wealth of innovative ideas.

Actively involving team members results in a higher volume of ideas. More participants mean more opportunities for creative solutions. Active participants not only contribute ideas but also provide constructive feedback on others' suggestions. This feedback loop enhances the quality of ideas and helps in refining them. Active participation facilitates the building of ideas upon each other. Participants can take inspiration from one suggestion to generate new and improved concepts.

Creating a structured framework for ideation ensures cross-functional collaboration and incorporates voices from various departments, backgrounds, and expertise levels. Implementing a well-defined and user-friendly process brings clarity to the ideation journey. Let’s take a look at how ITONICS Smart Ideation helps you do this.

1. Increase idea generation

Submitting ideas can be tough with complex processes, and creative blocks can hinder brainstorming. These challenges, along with cultural and time constraints, have always been common in innovation within large companies.

With Generative AI, teams can now generate and submit ideas more quickly and easily. Using ITONICS Smart Ideation, campaign managers and contributors can speed up the creation of campaign details, idea descriptions, tags, and images. This not only saves time but also improves the quality of ideas by combining human creativity with machine intelligence.

Using prompts, campaign managers receive guided questions that give context, helping AI quickly generate detailed and thorough descriptions. Smart Ideation provides AI-generated tags for easy categorization and retrieval of information. It swiftly creates a captivating header image for your campaign, boosting visual appeal to attract more engagement. By eliminating barriers that often deter idea submissions, teams and individuals are encouraged to consistently participate in ideation activities.




Select the most appropriate storytelling or ideation techniques from a list of options most suitable for your audience.


2. Enhance problem solving

The challenge of articulating ideas or submitting underdeveloped concepts can weigh down campaign managers and idea contributors. Integrating the capabilities of Generative AI can enhance both the quantity and quality of ideas.

Autocreate Ideas, powered by GenAI, enables campaign managers to swiftly generate ideas, catalyze ideation, and provide additional perspectives to refine concepts.

The ITONICS system automatically alerts idea submitters when similar ideas within a campaign are being created, and Recommended Relations directs submitters to related content in the system. These system-generated suggestions empower idea contributors to refine, distinguish, and enrich their concepts, supported by the assistance of GenAI within the system.


3. Automate idea evaluation

Scaling ideation requires overcoming the cumbersome manual processes of evaluation and selection. Through Autorate, campaign managers can once again harness the power of GenAI to swiftly assess ideas against specific criteria. This accelerates identifying ideas that merit advancement to the next stages and those that may require refinement. The functionality streamlines the decision-making process, providing a rapid overview of ideas that warrant closer attention.


4. Establish a culture of innovation

When more people are able to contribute their ideas and perspectives, the idea pool expands, leading to a greater variety of innovative concepts. This diverse range of ideas can be beneficial for scaling ideation because it allows for exploring different approaches and solutions.

Additionally, fostering a culture of innovation with the help of GenAI promotes creativity. This encourages participants to think outside the box and develop unique and scalable ideas for the business. Ultimately, by fostering a culture of innovation, businesses can tap into the collective intelligence of their team members and increase their capacity for generating scalable ideas.