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Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer

Let’s start today and get things done!

It is finally here: Mike’s speaker site! As a keynote speaker, workshop moderator, and consultant, Michael Durst is THE expert for disruptive change and innovation management fighting for the vision of a digitized and open-minded future. With 8 years of experience in technology and innovation management and as a paragon of digital pioneering, entrepreneurship, and science, Mike will show you which trends drive your business and which technologies will disrupt complete industry sectors. 

So, you are looking for someone who really knows? You want to engage and deep dive into innovation? 

Get Mike! Or watch him in action during a keynote session. 

Topic examples:

  • Digitalization and the Internet of Things – What will come, what will stay and what will go away?
  • Digital Innovation Methods & Tools – Identify innovation potentials and sustainably secure competitive advantages
  • Innovate or Die – How companies use digitalization for sustainable growth
  • Smart Service Generation – Systematic creation of innovative services and business models
  • Integrated Trend and Technology Management – A systematic look into the future
  • Digitize everything and get started today!